iATO Vesco iPhone 7 & 8 Plus Rosewood and Leather Case Review

iATO is a relatively new brand but they have a really nice range of mobile accessories with a more classy approach taken to them with wood finishes being a common element. The Vesco with a black Saffiano leather and real rosewood build definitely will stand out.


The case comes in a fairly small box with a profile image of the case shown on the front, alongside the brand details. This case was created for the iPhone 7 Plus but due to the almost identical chassis on the 8 Plus even though there is a few size difference, the case will work with both Plus models.

Taking a look at the back of the box, there is some information about the product including the uniqueness of the wood grain and texture of the leather will be different for every product. There is also some brand information.

Inside the box, looking up at you is the back of the case showing the design. Beneath you have some silica gels, a little leaflet about the actual materials used in the case and lastly a warranty registration card.

Taking a look on the inside of the case you do have soft touch plastic which is a fingerprint magnet so luckily you will hardly ever be making contact with this. The Vesco is not the slimmest case by any means but this thickness does mean that the camera hump is recessed so you won’t have to face any wobble when using the phone on the table.

There is about a 1mm lip on the case so you won’t really get any protection if you place this on a surface without a screen protector but this does go a long way in making the overall form factor fairly slim.The small border on the case helps to make it look like there is a minimal bulk. The volume and power buttons coverings have just enough tactility but I do wish they had made them more tactile.

The speaker and microphone array at the base of the phone has perfect alignment and shows how much attention to detail is taken by iATO during their product development. BUT this does mean that if you manage to cover the speaker then will result in the audio only coming out of the earpiece. 

The lightning port recession means most lightning cables should work unless your connector is fairly thick. This means you should be able to plug in most third-party cables without them being an issue. Having a distinct aroma from the case is probably one of its key features since the rosewood and leather work together to make a fairly unique scent.

Around the side, you do have a slightly more resistant soft touch plastic which holds up a bit better than the internal plastic but it isn’t perfect but does help alongside the leather section on the back to create some grip for you to hold onto. This isn’t the grippiest case by any means but having slightly wet hands does loosen this grip.

iATO has placed their logo on the bottom but it fairly small is only visible with direct light being shone upon it and this is a good approach since the case itself is fairly unique so will encourage others to ask about it.

Visit iATO’s Amazon page at www.amazon.co.uk/iato

iATO have been generous enough to offer the MobileTechTalk buyers a 25% discount and once a case is purchased from their Amazon store then you can fill in the form at http://iato.com/pages/contact-us and enter the promotional code MobileTechTalk in the subject line and also provide your order number to be able to get 25% of your purchase price back. For more information please get in touch with iATO.

Updated on the 30th Nov to update with the promotional discount!

iATO iPhone 8 Plus Case


Build Quality











  • Stylish
  • Modern
  • Well Fitting


  • Small Lip
  • Fingerprint Prone Sides
  • Makes Buttons Feel Mushy

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