Huawei Watch GT2 Review: Still just a fancy Fitness watch

Last year when I checked out the Huawei Watch GT, I was a bit upset at how poor it handled smartwatch duties especially as it was so good as fitness tracker duties, and I came to the conclusion that the Watch GT was a fitness tracker cleverly disguised as a watch. After a year of Software improvements and a few hardware changes, has the GT2 become the Watch I want?

Huawei Watch GT2
  • Gorgeous Screen
  • Lovely elegant design
  • 2 Week Battery
  • Simple charger
  • Fast software
  • Notifications still kinda suck
  • Fitness first, everything else secondary

Buy on Amazon – £219

Disclaimer – Huawei provided me (Dom) with this GT2 unit for the purposes of review. Huawei will not see this review before it goes live, nor will they have any bearing on the outcome. No money has changed hands between either company. This Watch GT2 is the 46mm variant, used on my Huawei P30 Pro smartphone for 3 weeks.

Huawei Watch GT2 Review


  • 46mm watch face
  • 1.39” 454x454OLED screen
  • Kirin A1 SoC
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Optical heart rate scanner
  • 2-week battery life (1 week with AOD)
  • Stainless Steel chassis, Plastic base, Leather Straps
  • Silicone straps also included in-box
  • Watch straps are standard 22mm

For a more complete list, head on over to the Huawei site to check out the Watch GT2.


I need to say this first and foremost, the Watch GT2 is pretty it, for the most part, looks like a normal masculine watch. Do I wish It were a bit smaller? but Huawei thought of that, and released a 42mm version as well, though that is a more curved version of the watch. My Version of the Watch GT2 is the polished stainless steel version with the tan leather straps and I adore it. It’s big without being G-Shock huge, it’s remarkably slim for all the tech packed inside as well.

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

Up from Upfront is the absolutely gorgeous 1.4″ AMOLED Display, this fully circular screen has a super high resolution, nice anti-aliasing (unlike last year) punchy colours and the screen gets really quite bright, meaning that daytime viewing when you’re out in Marbella or Ibiza isn’t going to be an issue. Gone this year is the raised bezel, there is a single sheet of glass covering the face of the GT2 this year, and right on the edges, perhaps a millimetre in there is a chamfer, on this chamfer is where Huawei placed the legends for the clock face. I think this doesn’t look too bad, but I would have rathered Huawei not include analogue markings on a digital watch, for instance, what if I   want to use an Analogue watch face? I’d just have those markings wasting space.

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

On the right hand of the watch are the 2 buttons, unlike other watches like the Apple Watch and the newer Fossil watches, there is no scrolling crown wheel here, and whilst I am upset, the user interface Huawei has developed here wouldn’t really benefit from it anywhere. From the main watch face pressing the upper button opens the “app drawer”, pressing it anywhere else in the OS takes you back home to the Watch face. The lower button is actively remappable to a small selection of applications but I have chosen to keep it as the default which is to start a workout. In between these two buttons in the part of the chassis between the steel and plastic ou see the slits for the speaker, yes the Watch GT2 has a speaker, and it actually sounds really quite nice. On the left-hand side there isn’t anything on the steel portion, but on the plastic meeting again there is a hole, this time for the microphone, yup, through this watch you can take and make phone calls   I was shockingly impressed at the call quality here, with people not even knowing I wasn’t coming from my phone, absolutely insane.

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

On the rear of the watch in the raised dimple in the middle is the optical heart rate scanner, pogo pins for charging and the green LED used for the heart rate scanner. In the four corners, there are some absolute minuscule Torx Screws to remove the plastic back cover, I assume this is for battery replacement or back panel repair, but I’m not taking the rear off of my watch just yet. The Watch Straps are just standard 22mm watch bands, mine are leather, and they have quick release pins on them to quickly let you swap out your bands, a nice touch that I actually utilise weekly, I swap the leather bands out for the silicone ones for when I’m Swimming, because swimming with a leather watch strap on is not fun.


Much like last year, the Watch GT2 doesn’t run WearOS, in fact, it runs Huawei’s own watch platform called LiteOS. There were rumblings before the GT2 launched that this might, in fact, run a version of HarmonyOS, but It does not, it uses an RTOS (Real-Time OS) light enough to run on the Kirin A1, an SoC with a Cortex M7 Microprocessor as it’s CPU instead of the larger, more powerful Cortex A-series chips. 

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

LiteOS though is rather full-featured and is quite nice to use. do not get it confused with WearOS, WatchOS or Tizen, this is more like the FitBit OS or the OS on Garmin watches, it’s fitness first and foremost with some other features. It’s funny how so many of the wearable operating systems have centred around a few core ideas. The “home screen” is the watch face, it makes sense, it is a watch, after all,Huawei Watch GT2 Review swiping down from the top tends to get you your quick settings, swiping up from the bottom tends to get you to notifications, and a swipe left or right usually has widgets of some sort, and that doesn’t change here. 

The main screen is your watch face, easily changed within the app or by long pressing on the screen for a second or two. swiping down from the top gets you to the quick settings panel with toggles for Do Not Disturb, the AOD button, a button to make the connected phone ring, an alarm button to set alarm and lastly a button to get into the main settings panel, at the bottom of this is a panel that shows you the current date, the current battery percentage and whether or not you are actively connected to the watch. Swiping up from the home screen gets you to the notification feed, arguably one of the weaker aspects of the watch still, but these notifications are better than what was given on the Watch GT last year. 

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

Lastly, the left and right swipes here are actually a carousel, so swipe right long enough you’ll get back to the watch face. Starting with the first panel, a live heart rate scanner feed next is the graph of your stress score monitored throughout the day. Next is the weather panel, after that is the music player control panel, lastly is the “activity rings” shamelessly inspired by Apple as so many have been, the next swipe takes you back to the home screen.

Pressing the upper side button opens the app launcher, a vertical scrolling list of built-in applications, as there is no app store on here, what you see is what you get. Lastly pressing the lower button opens up the workout menu asking you what type of workout you’re doing. This is actually one of the best things about the watch, because of the physical buttons when doing something that obstructs the touchscreen, such as swimming, you can easily and effectively end your workout without the faff of trying to get a touchscreen to work with wet fingers and a touchscreen covered in water droplets. Long pressing the upper button for roughly 5 seconds open the power menu giving the option to reboot or power down. long pressing the lower button does not appear to do anything

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

I expected to severely dislike the software on the GT2 as I did last year with the GT, but the bugs have been cleaned up, the software is more polished, it now has a more capable chipset behind it, and they’re slowly making notifications more useful with every update. Sure the notifications are still pretty crap and limited, if Someone sends me an email, I get a notification on the watch with the app icon and the header of the email, that is it, I cannot act on that notification, I cannot dismiss it, I cannot reply to the email, I can just swipe it away on the watch, which sometimes but not always dismisses it on the phone. With how polished the rest of the watch software is and the connecting Huawei Health app, the notification experiences is a bit upsetting, to say the least.

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

Fitness Tracking

So how does this do at its main job? fitness tracking. well unsurprisingly it does really quite well. GPS is remarkably accurate, as is the pedometer and the Heart Rate tracker. My main exercise is swimming, I go to my local pool and swimming varying lengths depending on how my very broken body is feeling and the Watch GT2, just like the Watch GT last year is the most accurate swim tracker I’ve tested outside of professional trackers. It monitors everything from time, to heart rate, to breathing quality (I assuming it’s doing o2 Sats through the heart rate scanner) how consistent my lengths are, what stroke it assumes I’m doing from all the extrapolated data, and of course the number of lengths I’ve done and how many calories I’ve burnt. I have never had such a consistent, comprehensive swim tracker from a mass consumer piece of tech.

But it’s not  just swimming, there are so many pre-programmed workouts on here it is dizzying, going through the list we have:

  • Running (with 13 subcategories)
  • Outdoor Run
  • Indoor Run
  • Outdoor Walk
  • Indoor walk
  • Outdoor Cycle
  • Indoor Cycle
  • Pool Swim
  • Open Water Swim
  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Trail Run
  • Triathlon
  • Elliptical
  • Rowing machine
  • Other/Custom.

Holy crap, that’s a lot, I need to try out some of the other ones, maybe an outdoor walk, as I’m not much of a runner, but I walk about a fair bit.

When you are done with the workouts you can sync them back to the phone via the Huawei Health app, which is the hub for all Huawei wearables, you can find this workout data and share it on social media or to a logging application, so cool, so sleek, I love it

Something Huawei does really quite well is sleep tracking, with the partnership they have with a university, the Huawei TrueSleep algorithm can track your light sleep, deep sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, how your breathing was, how settled you were. All of this is made possible by the sheer amoun.t of sensors on the watch You opt-in to all this, Huawei does not assume you want to give this data up, you have to explicitly tell it to track your sleep etc. and if you still don’t trust it, you could just turn the watch off or remove it from your wrist at night.


This thing is an absolute battery beast, especially being how slim it is. the rather large (for wearable) battery paired with the power-efficient Kirin A1 chip and the light software stack all accumulate into a battery life of over 2 weeks with all but the Always-on Display on, and with the Always-on Display I was able to get 7-8 days, still Impressive, but with how good the lift to wake algorithm is, I don’t feel I need the AOD on this particular watch.

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

The other benefit? rapid charging. the Watch GT2 doesn’t use Qi, which is very upsetting to me, but it has the next best thing. the charging puck used s not tethered to the cable needed for it, that’s great because the cable is USB-C! the puck is small and lights and because the cable is removable its a lot more portable, I love it. And because it has a small battery in real terms (in relative ones its large) it charges fast, a full charge in what feels like an hour, and a quick 20-60% top-up in about 20 minutes, I worry about the battery on the GT2, much in contrast to the TicWatch C2 I was using before the GT2 which got 2 days if I was very careful on the second day. So let it be said Battery on the GT2 is not a worry, and if you’re near the limit, toss it on the charger whilst you go for a shower or the loo and you’ve easily got enough juice back to last you another day or two.


in conclusion, the Watch GT2 is a refined version of what we got last year, It’s a fitness tracker that looks like an acceptable dress watch, and I love it. I wish it was more competent at notifications, and I wish there was a few more music controls, but I actually enjoy using the GT2 this year unlike last year, and I think a lot of it has a lot to do with the physical design, I don’t mind showing it off and showing people.

Huawei Watch GT2 Review

Should you buy it? that’s a bit more of a difficult question, Do you already have a fitness tracker you like? what about a watch, if the answer to either of those is yes, I’d leave it. It’s a nice watch and its areally nice fitness tracker, but if you’ve already got dedicated ones of each of those, this combined product might be a regression in some cases. but if you don’t have a Smartwatch, or don’t have a watch at all and want to track your workouts better, this is a great option that can be kept on at all times because it looks awesome and the battery just doesn’t die. £199 is not the cheapest watch on the market, nor is it the most expensive, and there are better smartwatches at this point, but I don’t think there are better smartwatches and better fitness trackers at this price point, either way, I’m keeping mine on and going for a swim.

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  1. I dont care about the watch you want. How arrogant, to think the world wants to know about the watch YOU want.

  2. Weirdly enough is directing people to review on your site. So here it is:

    I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.


    Long battery life
    Comfortable straps
    Very light
    Attractive design
    Accurate tracking
    No third party apps
    Limited function
    Truncated notifications

    I’ve heard so much about the Huawei Watch GT2. But I think it’s a bit overhyped.

    The watch is quite lite and has a long battery life. I had used it for 2 days continuously and the battery had only dropped 6%. I had a continuous heartbeat turned on.

    Despite these pros, the watch leaves much to be desired.

    For example, I can’t do much from the watch. The music app won’t work with Google Play Music, only the mp3 files transferred to the watch. Spotify is out too so as Google Fit.

    Also, you can’t use the watch to pay using NFC. In fact, most of the settings of the watch must be controlled by the phone; it cannot be used on its own.

    While it does a great job at fitness tracking and sleep tracking, it’s lacking on other fronts.

    In summary, would I recommend the watch? No. At least not at the price point of £200.

  3. Huawei GT2 design and looks good.

    Long life battery after fully charged. The app is great especially using during gym.

    Bonus there are two straps included in the purchase.

    Overall great, stylist and reasonable price!

  4. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.

    I was hoping the Huawei Watch GT2 would be more capable when it came to competing in the smartwatch arena. Having previously owned a first generation smartwatch, from another manufacturer, I don’t feel there has been much progress in the smart features.

    As a smartwatch is has a few issues, notifications have caused the device to notify me multiple times for the same notification. There is no Wi-Fi or LTE so as soon as you leave Bluetooth range all smart features are lost.

    That said, as a fitness tracker I believe the Huawei Watch GT2 is a very capable device. Sporting a battery life of on average 8-9 days, with the active heart rate monitoring enabled and wearing the device 24 hours a day (aside from in the shower), receiving notifications, and generally using it as a watch. I find the heart rate monitoring to be reasonably accurate, however the sleep monitor has proven to not be 100% reliable with it missing me waking up in the night a couple of times.

    The design of the device is very visually pleasing, and the materials used are premium in quality. There are a selection of watch faces and I found that there are options which I would say match each watch and strap combination.

    In conclusion if you’re looking for a stylish fitness tracker which you can wear to dinner, drinks, or something formal this is the device for you.

  5. Tor W. Holstein

    I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. And oh boy, am I happy to have been asked to do it. I’ve been buying smartwatches since they started popping up on the market, and it always feels the same, great excitement up to the purchase, you open the box, and the hassle starts. Complex interface, shoddy build quality, and looks that scream cheap and nasty. This is definitely not the case on the Huawei Watch GT2. The small box is neat, and when you pop the lid, it looks like a proper watch. It comes with an additional rubber strap, a charging puck (and its usb C cable), and the usual manual and warranty card.
    I went for the Classic version (stainless steel and black ceramic bezel, with a brown leather strap), and it is splendid, great quality of finish. It’s dead easy to swap, and I’ve bought a few extra bands and straps to change its style daily, which is a brilliant feature as it allows you to really keep the watch with you without it being too heavy a sartorial dissonance.
    Setup was straightforward, after downloading the app, I just paired the watch, and ten seconds later I was looking at a vast, but well arranged, array of options.
    I decided on the face( you can make your own, and of course, I picked my cat…), set up the notification access and off I went.
    You do get all of the possible things you’d ever want, from sport modes and tracking, to notifications, music control (another great thing is that you can load up your own music onto the watch, and pair it to your headphones)
    What really impressed me, past the looks and the interface, is the battery life.I played with the GT2 all day yesterday (you know that feeling when you get a new gadget and can’t help touching and exploring it), and the battery didn’t even lose 10 percent. and that with every bell and whistle turned on.
    To conclude, that watch is a definite keeper

  6. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review”. First of all let’s start with the looks – this is an amazing looking smartwatch. The best I have worn, and I have tried smartwatches from all manufactures. The stainless bezel and leather strap, show class and high quality engineering. This feels like a high end watch. When unboxing I was surprised and delighted to find an additional strap in the box (I bought the leather variant, but they also include a black silicone strap – which makes sense as the watch is primarily a fitness tracker, and the leather strap would suffer in sweaty conditions or the pool) The screen is bright and crisp, the battery life so far is epic – (with always on display and continuous heart rate it has dropped 13% in 2 days!). This is slightly better than the original GT. I have compared to my fruit based smart watch () and the GPS and heart rate tracking during exercise is as good or better. I love the continuous all day heart rate tracking, something some of my other watches cannot do. The sleep tracking is perfect. Really accurate. The messaging is basic. It allows you to read, but not reply. I previously owned the Huawei Watch 2 and the GT, and have to say this is a real improvement over the GT. I like the upgrade to include onboard storage of music and Bluetooth connection for headphones (although was disappointed to see this is not available yet with an apple phone (just android). The connection to my wireless earbuds performed without issue on a 5 mile run, and throughout a 1hr gym session. It is also worth noting as well as music, the stress tracking does not work with apple phones either. I love the upgrade to be able to make and receive calls on the watch. This is really handy, and the speaker is loud and clear. The microphone also works well, and callers have said I am clear. No NFC for payment is a bit disappointing. The watch faces that come with the watch offer everything I need. If you are extremely techy, there is also a beta app available unofficially where you can load custom watchfaces, but this is not for the fainthearted. If you can live without NFC, and without additional apps, this is the best smartwatch/fitness tracker I have tried (with an android phone). However if you are an apple phone user, please consider that the onboard storage and stress tracking will not work for you (although I guess Huawei could enable this with a software update.

  7. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.
    So I’ve had The HUAWEI watch GT2 fitness watch for around a week now and I think it’s absolutely brilliant !
    The design is really sleek and simple but it’s extremely well built and looks expensive,
    This has changed the way I look at my workouts at home and at the gym..
    there are many different workout programs to chose from for example running ,which has its own category of 13 different types of running indoor and outdoor swimming.
    The GT 2 has real time heart rate monitoring to track your heartbeat every second of your day, it will keep track of your heart even when your sleeping which is great when your wanting to find out how much sleep you get of a night.
    It has Trusleep 2.0 sleep tracking and TruRelax .
    The one and only negative I have with the GT 2 is it doesn’t work if you have arm tattoos or sleeves unfortunately the ink blocks the heart rate monitor which does not allow precise tracking. Saying that It wasn’t a huge problem
    As I was able to switch the watch to my right arm . Keep this in mind if you have tattoos on both arms you won’t be able to track any progress with the heart rate monitor. The GT 2 also has call, texting & email alert functions so you’ll never miss that important call or a message if your away from your phone. It also has weather function, stopwatch and a really great flashlight built in .The watch even allows you to call from it which I think it a great feature if your on the go.
    I’m blown away by the battery life as I’ve not yet had to put it on charge which is amazing as it’s used every day the watch certainly lives up to its ALL LIFE BATTERY
    The GT 2 has a precise positioning system which supports GPS and GLONASS system which provides precise location services so it will track you where ever you are on your outdoor trail run or workout.
    One of the greatest features of the watch is it has music playback !.

  8. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.

    Great build. Feels solid and well made. Comfortable to wear. Looks very nice as well!
    Battery more than 10 days (realtime heart, sleep and stress)

    It is more of a fitness tracker than a smart watch. An important distinction to make to have correct expectations.

    Many fitness features – there are some basic “smart” features.

    Sleep tracking, heart monitoring, step counts and stress tracking are all there. A lot of exercise related options as well: swimming, outdoor run, indoor run etc.

    GPS tracking is very accurate and it does give a very nice feeling when you look at your route on the map and it is so accurate.

    Smart features though are not that many. You can read notifications and take calls. I think that is about it! Surprisingly taking calls that I thought would be a novelty feature actually turns out to be very useful when the phone is at the other side of the house.

    There is a lot missing though and a lot does not make sense. The phone is managed by the Health app and the app has a lot of issues and is very mediocre.
    It manages a lot of wearables and some functionality is not applicable to the watch (basketball training?).

    The weather app… Why force it? Active people that exercise outside can see the weather they don’t need to see it on the watch. The update frequency is erratic and see it is sunny late at night! Switching it off leaves me with a dead screen in the middle of swiping through the main watch screens. It should disappear.

    No customization on screens to appear in the main watch. They are fixed. Better a calculator or a stopwatch instead of the weather app.

    No access to secondary screens of each app from the main watch screen: heart rate app has 2 screens in the app but swiping down from the main watch showing heart rate does nothing.

    Stress measuring is interesting. Unfortunately syncing got stuck. The watch was measuring but the app didn’t read it. I had to reset the watch and uninstall the app!

    The data was synced and restored in the app but the watch did not register back the last few days of workouts so the training load of the last 7 days was reset and showing 0 even though the app was showing all the workouts.

    VO2max only for outdoor run? Why?

    Music controls very limited.

    Work is required on the software side to make this a really good product.
    Too many software issues.

    Cheaper Huawei alternatives could do the same for fitness.

  9. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.
    My initial thoughts are – The watch looks great, setup was simple after downloading 2 different apps onto my android phone. The watch itself had an update immediately, 15 minutes later I was up and running, the following day I had another update but carried out quicker. Now this watch looks great, the downside to me is for the price I would prefer to go for a better brand that will let you control your mobile (this one doesn’t) and syncs contacts with your phone. 5 full days test and with moderate use the battery is down to 40%, I expect it will last another 2 days at a push so a week and a half not 2 weeks battery life for me. I have notifications from my email, if I don’t get to them quick enough it will duplicate my notification which I don’t expect. I would also love if the music I already had on my phone would be available without having to add it into the Huawei app separately.. The fitness tracking is great, and also the sleep tracking, its very interesting to see how well I am sleeping and I feel its fairly accurate. I did recommend this product but given the recent issue with tracking sleep and it’s now 4 days since it occurred then I would not recommend as the software has obviously not been tested properly and it’s to long for a fix on one of the selling points of the watch. I will be returning this at the end as that service is not good enough..
    since then I have an issue where the watch doesn’t track my stress levels sometimes, get 4 hours or so at a time where it is blank so not sure what’s up.. also 2 week battery life is not feasible, a week and it will need charged tonight..

  10. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.
    I have owned a few high-end smart watches now and have found the GT2 to tick almost all of the boxes I was looking for, to the point that not only is it now my main smart watch, but also my main day to day watch.
    The GT2 works, right out of the box – no missed notifications, no complex set up.
    Featuring a 2-week battery life to me was the number one selling point. I was dubious. I’ve now had this close to a month and have just recharged a second time. Obviously, this is feature dependant, but I’ve got it on default settings which includes a constant heart rate check. I have twice daily alarms on, I have all message notifications on, step count, calories etc. yet my battery life goes on.
    There is no app store with which to connect the watch to, meaning no third party watch faces or apps, which at first is quite frustrating, especially from a stylistic point of view – many of the free faces were not to my taste, however, if really bothered a quick search online will show you how you can use user-made faces. I’ve stuck with the stock face as it shows me steps, outside temperature, heart rate, date, day & time all on the face.
    I’m a pretty bad sleeper so use this quite heavily to keep me informed about my night-time movements, amount of time spent awake, light sleeping, getting up to go to the bathroom, even to track my average bedtime.
    Diving into the sub-menus of the GT2 gets you some very premium features, from different workout activities (15 in total) and sleep records to breathing exercises, call logs and weather forecasts. The menus are very easy to navigate and all work alongside a host of apps including Huawei’s own “Health” app.
    You can change the watch strap to suit (metal, leather, different colours etc.) with a simple ‘push-to-release’ mechanism. All in all a very nice, stylish-looking, premium smartwatch with the best battery one could ask for.

  11. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review

    First impressions
    WOW I have to say I’m impressed with how premium the Watch GT2 looks, everything from the packaging and presentation to wearing it. I’ve even had heads turning in the office questioning what it is.

    Look and feel
    The 3D glass doesn’t have a single mark on it and isn’t the fingerprint magnet I was expecting it to be. I’ve also managed to unintentionally catch the watch on various objects with no marks or scratches to show.

    The display is bright and punchy even in the winter sun its extremely easy to read and navigate.

    On first wear the Watch GT2 felt large, this is because I went from a fitness band to this but got used to it quickly. A week of using the Watch GT2 and wouldn’t ever go back to the fitness band

    Features and Functionality
    The watch menus are extremely easy to navigate as the watch screen is fast and responsive, It took no longer than a couple of minutes to feel familiar with the watch

    The sleep tracking is an amazing function on the Watch GT2, the amount of detail you get is unbelievable giving you information on deep, light and rem sleep

    Battery life is one of the best on any smart watch I have ever used. After 5 days use I still have 72% remaining, with other watches I would start feeling anxious about charging it by now…

    Sports and fitness modes are in abundance, you have everything from hiking to triathlons so far, I’ve only used this whist spinning and the amount of information is excellent and extremely useful to me.

    Room for improvement
    The brown leather strap doesn’t feel as premium as the rest of the watch. This is only a small negative for me and by no means a deal breaker for as the straps are easily swapped with any 22mm strap.

    Overall an extremely premium watch that I enjoy wearing and couldn’t be happier with. Excellent work Huawei.

  12. A great challenger in the smart watch market

    I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. From the moment I took the watch out of the box, I was very much in love with the design, look and feel of the watch. Even the box had a luxury feel to it. The brown strap feels good quality and there was a bonus of a black strap inside the box, which I was not expecting. the screen is bright and well organised for each of the functions and i didn’t need the manual at all during set up. It charged up quickly and the set up was simple to complete. I downloaded the app onto my Huawei P20 smart phone and it was very quick and easy to pair off. I applied the latest update to the watch which was quick and efficient, so I was ready to put it to the test. So off I went walk about. It kept my details well and the app was simple to use. The user interface was very intuitive and very easy to use. I enjoyed changing the various different faces available on the watch. The battery lasted much better than I expected, and the magnetic charger was a nice touch for ensuring a simple connection to charge. The GPS worked well and was very accurate. The watch is almost good enough to be used as an entity in it’s own right, and the mobile connection as a tracker add on. I have certainly used the watch more than the app so far. Overall I think this is an excellent product for a very reasonable price. I give it 5 out of 5 stars

  13. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised using the Huawei Watch GT 2. For starters, it both looks and feels great; lightweight yet retains a premium feel. It certainly wouldn’t look out of place with a more formal outfit.

    The screen is sharp and the watch itself is very fast and responsive. Fitness tracking has been excellent, with both GPS and heart rate sensors being reasonably accurate. Ideally there would be greater range of fitness tracking options but, for a casual user such as myself, it has been more than suitable.

    Connection is strong and stable with my Android device, and notifications have always come through when expected. Even taking calls on the watch has been brilliant, with the both sound and clarity being fantastic.

    Where the watch truly stands out over other wearables is in its battery life. I have had it now for almost a week and have lost 50% battery over this period; far superior to other devices in this category that often struggle to to last a day! A great piece of kit which continues to show the range and quality of Huawei’s technology.

  14. From the minute I recieved this watch it felt like a high quality product. Set into a stylish box which contained the watch, a warranty, quick start instruction manual, a spare strap and a magnetic charching cable for a USB plug, (which is not included). I took about 10 minutes to fully charge after unpacking and then it was ready to go. You have to operate Huawei operating app and Huawei health app before you can start using the watch. There are a whole range of health , workout and other options to this great device. It is constantly tacking your heart rate , sleep patterns and overall activity records. It has a full range of workout functions that range from indoor and outdoor run, swim ,cycle to hiking ,swimming,triathlon,rowing and so on. This really is a quality peice of tech which can recieve and make calls , play music tell you the weather and a whole host of other useful functions. I really rate this watch and at the price it is at the moment , it is an absolute bargain.

  15. I also received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.
    I own an Android phone and use the Huawei Health App. The watch connects by Bluetooth, not wi-fi. This is a “must have” watch for the health conscious or those trying to improve on their fitness. I was amazed by the selection and detail. Running, walking, cycling, swimming (water resistant to 50m), climbing and more. Beginners and advanced. Your own personal trainer. It also monitors heart rate, steps, distance and calories burned, giving the equivalent in food such as a scoop of icecream. As you use the watch it intelligently logs your activity over the hours, days, weeks and months
    I love the TruSleep option. This monitors you when you sleep and reviews this in amazing detail giving suggestions on how you can improve on the quality if it is below average.
    It has a stress test option, monitoring stress levels with a breathing option which calms and focuses.
    It does not have an app store but options are. Torch, barometer, compass, weather, alarms, timers, stopwatch, find my phone. A selection of watch faces to suit your activity. I have set up social media and message notifications.
    I have music stored on the watch and love the quality of the audio via Bluetooth earbuds. There is also an inbuilt speaker and mic which I have used to make and receive calls. I have found the quality to be very acceptable.
    It is a good friend on my wrist with a fantastic battery of up to 2 weeks between charges. Wi-fi option and an app store would give it the full 5 stars

  16. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. My first impression of the Huawei GT watch was wow as it is a really good looking watch. Huawei have definitely done their research to make a brilliant smart watch from easy setup to user friendly controls. The apps and features are amazing and the music playing on the watch speaker is really good.
    The health app is amazing as I personally struggle with sleep and the watch is great for logging this and fitness. Best smart watch by far.

  17. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. It’s an elegant smart watch which can be worn in the gym but also in the office. I quite liked that it is possible to choose from a wide range of displays. The strap can be changed easily. In terms of functionality, you can record different activities, but you might need to do it manually. The watch won’t pick it up all activities automatically. It records well sleep and a heart rate. I was pleased to see air pressure and compass features. You can use the watch to pick up calls or play music and the quality of audio is quite good and clear. The only drawback is that you need to use your phone to play music. It is possible to dial your contacts from the watch though. Happy with the battery performance as well.

  18. After reading up on the Huawei Watch GT2 I didn’t at first understand its claim to be a life assistant…now I do!

    Functions: Having worn the watch for a week or so it really does keep amazing me. I still haven’t got through all the functions but it seems to do everything you’d expect of a smartwatch and more.

    You can track every activity imaginable (including swimming) and being a Scottish lad / keen hiker I’ve found the GPS on the GT2 to be very accurate in tracking my hikes. The GT2 has even got a handy flashlight app (the screen goes a very bright white) when it gets a bit dark.

    Whilst out and about for meetings the notifications from SMS messages, email and my calendar have been very useful for getting what I need at a quick glance and the bluetooth calling feature has been pretty fun to use…though I haven’t got use to the whole holding my wrist up to my face thing yet!

    TrueSleep and TruRelax are two features I’ve dreamed for in a smartwatch. I’m a bit of a health nut and like to know everything about my body…to be able to track both my stress levels and sleep patterns with one device as well as the standard features (steps, calories etc) has been an eye opener.

    Sound & Music: The GT2 can store up to 500 songs (so you don’t need to take your phone with you on a run) and it pairs nicely with the FreeBuds 3 I have. The speaker is surprisingly OK too but I would only recommend this for calls.

    Battery: Well let’s just say I’m a week through testing and I’ve still got 60% battery.

    Style: I received the pebble brown version of the watch and I wasn’t disappointed. The leather strap feels great on the wrist and looks fantastic. What I hadn’t appreciated is Huawei have thrown in a black silicone strap too! Smart and functional in one, what more could you ask for!

    Usability: Once you get used to the interface and have gone through the initial setup (which can take a bit of time), the GT2 is a breeze to use and like they say…it really does become a life assistant.

    Overall, this is exactly what I was looking for in a smartwatch and more. Smart and sporty in one with a sprinkling of new features.

  19. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. The Huawei Watch GT 2 is a brilliant smart watch that focuses on fitness tracking. The battery life is incredible (currently at 67% after 4 full days of use). The watch looks great and supports a variety of features including sleep tracking, constant heart rate monitoring and also stress monitoring.
    Although the GT 2 is not as smart as other watches, it lacks an app store meaning you are limited to the apps pre-installed. There is also no way to respond to notifications which is a shame. I’ve also noticed a big difference in steps when compared to a Wear OS watch, i’ve seen ~10% difference between the two (not sure which is more accurate though).
    The Huawei Watch GT 2 is a brilliant watch for anyone who wants good battery life and fitness tracking features. It excels in these areas which makes up for the reduced ‘smart’ features.

  20. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.

    The Huawei Watch GT2 comes in attractive packaging. On unboxing it struck me as a quality bit of kit. The bevelled glass that curves down to meet the case is very nicely done.

    It’s very easy to get it up and running, simply download the Huawei Health app, connect via bluetooth and away you go.

    I’ve been using the watch for a while now, wearing it almost constantly, including in the shower. There are no marks on the face or case and the strap is holding up very well.

    I was worried the watch would be too big for me as I have quite small wrists. It is bigger than any other watch I’ve worn previously although it is quite light so doesn’t feel as cumbersome as you might expect. I would still prefer it to be slightly smaller but it’s perfectly comfortable as it is.

    I am incredibly impressed with the battery life of this watch. My main issue with other smartwatches I’ve tried is that you have to take them off every night to charge for the following day. This is inconvenient and also makes things like sleep tracking harder to get any value out of. There is no such worry with this watch! I don’t know how they’ve managed it but I wore it for almost 2 weeks before my first recharge. I find this quite amazing since it’s always tracking your heart rate and monitoring steps.

    Notifications work well although I would like to be able to reply to messages direct from the watch. Taking phone calls on the watch works perfectly. I’ve always been able to hear the caller easily and nobody has noticed I’ve not been taking the call on my phone.

    I’ve found the weather function useful and the heart rate, activity tracking and sleep tracking have made me pay more attention to trying to be active and sleep better.

    I don’t have an Android phone so can’t listen to music and I believe there is slightly more customisation available to Android users but they aren’t things I particularly miss. The main feature I would like that’s missing is NFC for payments which can be useful although it’s not a major omission.

    I think strictly speaking the Watch GT2 is more of an activity tracker than a full blown smartwatch but for me its more than adequate and better than any other smartwatch I’ve tried. I’d thoroughly recommend it!

  21. I love this watch. I haven’t worn a watch since I first got a mobile phone, so I was a bit worried about whether it would feel odd. It is light and comfortable, so I hardly notice it. I also have a Huawei Nova 5T and the health app works perfectly with the watch. The setup process was a little unclear but the hardware is fantastic; bright vibrant screen, big battery, accurate biometric and barometric sensors all packed into this tiny little thing. But the real star of the show is the number of updates they release for the watch. Practically every month they’ve improved the apps/features, patched bugs and made the experience smoother. The screen is great and battery life is superb! You easily get 10 days per charge, which in the age of smartpones needing to be plugged in each night is superb! The interface is slick with little lag when transitioning between screens. The watch is also a great size and comfortable to wear. I particularly like the sleep tracker and heart rate monitor. The mobile app has a really good feature for displaying the quality of your sleep. There are a large number of nice watch screens to choose from, with different screens focussing on different features. It charges quickly and the battery lasts for several days. I’m not really a sporty person, so the many workout functions are unused; nor have I tried out the waterproofing. My only gripe is that I cannot follow my friend’s activity like I could with the fitbit. However all in all I have no regrets buying this.

  22. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. So I’ve had The HUAWEI watch GT2 fitness watch for around a week now and I think it’s absolutely brilliant ! The design is really sleek and simple but it’s extremely well built and looks expensive, This has changed the way I look at my workouts at home and at the gym.. there are many different workout programs to chose from for example running ,which has its own category of 13 different types of running indoor and outdoor swimming. The GT 2 has real time heart rate monitoring to track your heartbeat every second of your day, it will keep track of your heart even when your sleeping which is great when your wanting to find out how much sleep you get of a night. It has Trusleep 2.0 sleep tracking and TruRelax . The one and only negative I have with the GT 2 is it doesn’t work if you have arm tattoos or sleeves unfortunately the ink blocks the heart rate monitor which does not allow precise tracking. Saying that It wasn’t a huge problem As I was able to switch the watch to my right arm . Keep this in mind if you have tattoos on both arms you won’t be able to track any progress with the heart rate monitor. The GT 2 also has call, texting & email alert functions so you’ll never miss that important call or a message if your away from your phone. It also has weather function, stopwatch and a really great flashlight built in .The watch even allows you to call from it which I think it a great feature if your on the go. I’m blown away by the battery life as I’ve not yet had to put it on charge which is amazing as it’s used every day the watch certainly lives up to its ALL LIFE BATTERY Feature. The GT 2 has a precise positioning system which supports GPS and GLONASS system which provides precise location services so it will track you where ever you are on your outdoor trail run or workout. One of the greatest features of the watch is it has music playback !.

  23. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.

    Huawei has done it again and created a super slick sports watch with an amazing battery life. Very simple to set up and comes fully charged so no need to waste the first day waiting for a charge. Connection to my Huawei android phone took less than 5 minutes and I was off and away. Loads of different watch faces to chose from and some suit different uses. Quick and easy to swap between them. 4GB storage and you can play music direct from your watch which is very handy when out and about. The heart monitor seems very accurate and looks god on the graph. Overall, this is a great watch for tracking exercise/sport, heart rate and getting notifications from apps on your phone.

  24. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.
    The watch is quite good for what it does, it allows you to receive notifications from messaging apps such as WhatsApp, snapchat etc and also receive calls which can be answered via the watch. The volume level is amazing on this watch aswell. I did find the watch a bit slower than expected but overall its ok for the price. I would have kept the watch if it wasnt for giving me a rash on my wrist from wearing it.

    As Long as you understand this is a sports watch not a smart watch you will love it. Great battery life. Running, walking, swimming it tracks everything. App is good just not amazing.

  25. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.
    I’ve never been a wa­tch person, but enjo­yed a fitness tracker before deciding to upgrade to a smart watch.
    The watch is both be­autiful and beautifu­lly presented. It’s comfortable to wear, sleek and luxurious looking.I quickly got used to wearing it and do not notice it at all at night.
    You can download var­ious faces to match your personal taste, whether that is a classic analog face or a stat-packed page.
    Battery life is very good. I charge it every ten – twelve da­ys; It takes less th­an an hour to reach a full charge.
    The main appeal to me was the workout op­tions and analysis. There are fifteen wo­rkouts and thirteen running courses. I enjoy little details like being able to specify an elliptical or treadmill. You can set alerts and a voice will tell you how long you’ve been going and your heart rate. I love having the records availa­ble on the watch to quickly check progre­ss and compare previ­ous workouts.

    I’ve answered a few calls on the watch – sound quality is ve­ry good. You can add contacts and you can also access your call log. Message ale­rts are good too, pi­ctures are not displ­ayed.

    I’ve enjoyed many of the extra features including stopwatch (perfect for cooking­), flashlight and br­eathing exercises.
    I haven’t added any music but did test the pre-loaded song and it sounds excelle­nt. You can play mus­ic from your phone or earbuds.
    A couple of issues:
    Sleep tracking – This stopped working so I had to un-pair, reset and then re-pair the watch with my phone. Other than th­is, it works very we­ll and I find the da­ta thorough and usef­ul.
    Heart rate during wo­rkouts – It took me several tries to cor­rectly position the watch to get an accu­rate reading. This was frustrating, espe­cially in the middle of a high-intensity workout and the wat­ch telling me I was still in warm-up.​ I’ve now learned whe­re it should be worn.

    Overall, the watch is very convenient and definitely a styli­sh, unisex piece.

  26. Phil Wolstencroft

    After a lot of research I settled on the GT2. Nearly bought another well known brand but I’ve had a Huawei phone in the past and liked it. Came well boxed and looked the part. Had it about 6 weeks now, only charged it about 3 or 4 times so its a win win on that note. All the functions work well, the fitness programs are more than adequate and a good selection of watch faces. I have bought a metal strap and a face cover for mine so you can easily transform the look of the watch quickly and cheaply. External speaker/microphone work well when using it as a hands free for phone calls. The only problem I have is that the heart rate monitor doesn’t work on my left arm; the wrist I usually wear my watches on. I’ve had to get used to wearing it on my ‘wrong’ arm to make use of this feature. The weight is good, not too light and the size of the face is large enough to look good, I don’t like small faced watches. The sleep tracking app is hit and miss, sometimes it tells me I’ve slept for 8 hrs other times 2hrs and is also difficult to sync that data over to the app for a more detailed breakdown. Overall I’m very happy with the watch, just a shame my others aren’t going to get the use they had.

  27. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. The Huawei Watch GT2 is the second smartwatch that I have owned, and will be the only smartwatch on my wrist for a long time. Upon unboxing the Huawei Watch GT2, you are greeted with a very well presented box where the watch takes pride and place. My biggest gripe with many smartwatches is that they look far too unnatural compared to a non smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT2 looks very much like a normal designer watch at first glance, it’s not too big and the brown leather strap makes it look classy. When you turn the watch on the first thing you notice is how good the screen is, it’s bright and vivid and easy to read even in bright sunlight. To pair the watch to your phone and set it up you have to download the Huawei Health app, this is very straightforward and after following the instructions I had the watch set up and ready to go in a matter of minutes. The Huawei Watch GT2 is fairly limited in its functionality compared to some other smartwatches, this is a positive for me because I am not the sort of person that likes all the bells and whistles on a smartwatch. Its main strengths are fitness and health tracking and notification alerts. The watch can also be used to take phone calls and track your sleep patterns. The Huawei Watch GT2 is an excellent fitness companion as I have discovered when going about my daily life, it tracks all your steps and can be used to monitor workouts and sports activities. All the information from the watch is synced to the Huawei Health app on your phone where you can set yourself targets and monitor all your exercises in an easy to understand layout. One of the biggest advantages of having limited functionality is battery life. The battery life on the Huawei Watch GT2 is phenomenal. I have been using the watch for nearly a month now and I have only charged the watch twice in that time. Battery life can be reduced if you use the always on display option but even then you can easily get a week’s use between charges, this was a welcome change for me after previously having a smartwatch which had to be charged every single night. So to conclude, if you are after a stylish smartwatch that is a great fitness companion with fantastic battery life, then the Huawei Watch GT2 would be a great purchase. However, if you are after a smartwatch with a bit more functionality, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

  28. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.
    Very impressed by the Huawei GT 2, has a very professional look and love the simplicity in the watch itself. The fitness tracker is outstanding and reacts very quickly to exercises without any lag.
    In the time I have been using the watch I have charged it very rarely and the most I have got out of it with full use is over 4 days which frankly is outstanding!
    It is value for money and would give other companies something to think about as it can stand up to its competitors and sets a high example of what you can achieve.
    The heart rate monitor is very precise and accurate which is helpful when looking for trends and keeping track of everything.
    I am very fond of the breathing exercises as it has helped me to control my heart rate and be more aware of the stress, I am putting my body through. This also allows me to be able to implement positive changes and control stress levels in the future. There are many exercises to choose from and the GT2 monitors them very well and also prompts you to work harder or notify you to take it easy. It practically as If I have a personal trainer but without all the hassle and headache.
    I would suggest that it is worth the money in my opinion as its looks very slick and professional and does all the necessities without a problem, the battery is truly outstanding and will keep you going without the need to worry about constantly charging it.

  29. A good smartwatch, but I think it’s more like a fitness watch. Very beautiful, stylish classic design. The watch is perfect for any clothing and any occasion, it comes with two types of straps: silicone and leather. There are many training programs available. There are add-ons such as calling and listening to music, and it also has a notification. There are a speaker and a microphone, but you can’t call the voice assistant. Access to contacts and the ability to call from your watch only to a limited number of contacts that you add to your favorites from the Huawei-health app. They sit on your hand very comfortably. Excellent AMOLED display with a bright screen and “always-on display” function. Autonomy at the highest level-like promise up to 2 weeks! I spend 7-9% of the fare per day, taking into account the fact that I periodically answer calls from them. Now, by the middle of the 3rd day of use, the remaining charge is 80%. You can’t respond to messages (not critical, but in any case, this is more important to me than the lack of NFC). You can’t download third-party apps yet. I hope that all this will be added in time. My friends like them very much.

  30. From the moment I sat my eyes on this watch I have really fallen in love. It’s brown leather strap on black face looks stylish and elegant. To get the watch up and running I had to download the health app which was a simple registration and pairing of the watch to the phone. I love how there is a wide option of customisation available like changing the look of the face display. You can choose what you would like to get notifications on. The music quality is amazing and I love the whole tracking on my fitness, including heart rate and stress levels. There are still many functions this beautiful time piece has to offer and I am yet to explore and test like the sleep quality function which sends you tailored advice and tips upon tracking your sleeping pattern! So far I’m very impressed with this watch.

  31. Completely disagree with you on the visibility outdoors. I’ve just received it and while it’s a lovely watch the screen is almost completely washed out in bright sunshine, yes indoors it’s lovely. I’ve noted there are some reviewers who are saying the opposite and I’m baffled how we can have different experiences

    • Interestingly I only had the device for a short period (Dom did the review) but I didn’t have any major issues with the display visibility outdoors. Of course it’s less visible outdoors, but not incredibly so.

  32. I bought it by Your opinion, however it’s total fail. The swimming accuracy is terrible. I did 1000m on 25m pool and the watch recorded 525m.
    Waste of money.

    • Interesting. Dom specifically cited swimming as accurate for him. I’m aware other reviewers and our peers have also. Perhaps you have a faulty GT2? Is the pedometer working fine? Other sensors?

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