GameSir X2 Bluetooth Controller Review – Mobile Gamers’ Best Friend?

With the GameSir F4 Falcon and the FameSir G6S already reviewed over the last year or two, the GameSir X2 brings with it a more modern feel and a simplicity that might well take some gamers to the next level. If you’re into your Nintendo Switch, the controller will look eerily familiar.

GameSir X2 Bluetooth
  • Very comfortable
  • Tactile buttons
  • Excellent battery
  • Game compatibility could be an issue

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The GameSir X2 was provided free of charge by the manufacturer in exchange for a full and fair review. The review period was approximately 3 weeks and was paired with a variety of Android devices although iOS is compatible too.

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I’m not a massive mobile gamer. I think the main reason for this is that I find it demanding to control movement precisely on the screen via touch input. GameSir has several products that are designed to change the minds of users such as me. The GameSir X2 might just manage it.

The industrial design of the GameSir X2 reminds me of the grey Nintendo Switch. That’s not a bad thing and also not a surprise. The Switch showed that a boxy screen can be handled ergonomically for gamers, and GameSir took notice.

What’s In The Box?

Upon opening the box, we’re greeted with a nylon zipped case that includes the GameSir X2 controller, an accessories box, and some compartments to hold cables, etc. Inside the accessories box, there’s a packet of 4 thumbstick grips, a manual, a Type-A to Type-C USB cable for charging and some warranty information. For reference, there is a USB Type-C version that replaces the Bluetooth connectivity with a direct Type-C connection, for an additional £10.

The GameSir X2 itself has a black and grey aesthetic save for the red and blue hue under the thumbsticks and is predominantly manufactured from ABS plastic. Across the front of the device, the buttons have a satisfying click to them with low travel to actuation, presumably for more precision. The thumbsticks move around easily with a satisfying snap back to a centre position, and the shoulder and trigger buttons are placed as expected. Whilst we’re around the back, there’s a silicone palm grip to aid comfort on each side of the device, with little else. On the bottom edge is a home button, reset pinhole and the USB Type-C charging port.

The X2 can support phones up to 173mm in length which means the vast majority of phones will fit, and the rubberised sections both on the base and sides of the gripping mechanism mean your device will be safe during gameplay!


  • Working platform: Android & IOS
  • Connection: Bluetooth
    • Auxiliary APPs: GameSir App (NOTE: only use to connect your mobile devices via Bluetooth, and You can play games that don’t support the gamepad and you can customize the keymaps. )
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • 500mAh battery
  • Package Size: 12.9*12.3*2.9 cm
  • Net Weight: 186 g

Performance & Use

Pairing the GameSir X2 was, as expected, flawless. Turn on the device by holding down the home button, search for a new Bluetooth device on your smartphone, and viola – connection established. All you need do then is put the device in the cradle in the correct orientation and fire up your favourite game. For testing purposes, I used a variety of games but predominantly I played Modern Combat 5.

Coming from playing games on PC with an Xbox controller, and from a Nintendo Switch (and Lite) previously, I fell into the feel of the GameSir X2 with ease. Launching Modern Combat 5 and using the controller was a breeze as it is designated as a compatible game on the GameSir site. More on that shortly.

Comfort Is Excellent!

The ergonomics are largely excellent. The weight distribution is good, the buttons are tactile with very little wobble, and they are well distributed. The thumbsticks have just enough weight to them to provide accuracy without them feeling sluggish too. The rubberised grips on the rear, whilst a little small, are a welcome addition also. My only complaint with the layout is the centred right thumbstick when compared to the XYAB buttons. That placement means that you invariably hit the right thumbstick when reaching for these buttons which can be an issue in some games.

The clamping mechanism, whilst more than adequate in terms of protection for your device and simplicity, does have a few drawbacks. Users will lose access to their headphone jack (if they’re lucky enough to have one) as well as the ability to power their device whilst playing. Presumably, this is now why the Type-C version exists! That aside, the rubberised teeth that clamp the device do at least allow a little passive cooling during play and I never found my device getting too warm.

Whilst there are clear Nintendo Switch vibes here, including a screenshot square button, there are some additions too. The G and S buttons function as select/options and start button respectively. It depends on the games you’re playing as to how they operate.

Game Compatibility

This brings me to compatibility. There are 58 pages of compatible Android games according to the GameSir website, however, the likes of Call of Duty is not one of them. There are other modes on the GameSir X2 Bluetooth to assist with such issues (especially on iOS for MFI games) though. Downloading the GameSir app can assist in mapping controls for those games that do not natively accept controller input. I did attempt to download the 2.3-star rated GameSir app as others had suggested that this helps, however, it ran once and never did again. I should have noted the start rating first! Your mileage may vary though and I’ve seen others without such issues.

Another use case for this device though is game streaming. I’ve seen many utilise Xbox Game Pass and Steam to play their games remotely using this device and it seemed to work perfectly for them – I haven’t tested that functionality here though.

Final Thoughts

The GameSir X2 Bluetooth is a great addition to any mobile gamer’s setup. It’s easy to set up, ergonomic to use, and the buttons are comfortable, tactile and easily reached (for the most part). There are many Bluetooth gaming controllers on offer, but few couple the price-point of the GameSir X2 Bluetooth, along with the utility and comfort.

I’ll cover off battery life here too as there’s not much to say – it’s great. I only had to charge once in just over three weeks, with heavy testing.

The only issue I had at all had nothing to do with input latency as one might expect, but purely game compatibility. For me, the GameSir app did not work, however with the compatible games, I had zero issues.

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