Flexispot Sanodesk Standing Desk Pro E7 Review

The Flexispot Sanodesk Standing Desk Pro E7 is not something we would have traditionally covered but with the lines between your mobile on the go life and your working environment being blurred in the past few years its only right we explore it.

Flexispot Sanodesk Standing Desk Pro E7 Review
  • Durable Legs
  • Smooth Motors
  • Premium Build
  • Desktop Material
  • Weight
  • Lack of Cable Management

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Flexispot sent out this product to me free of charge in order for me to carry out a full and unbiased review and they have not seen this review before it has gone live.


The Flexispot E7 which is how I will refer to it going forward is shipped in 3 parcels. 1 parcel contains the desktop which is optional as you can use an existing one or purchase a separate one if the choice of 9 desktops for the E6 and E7 don’t work for you. The second parcel contains the legs and the third has the central section which supports the desktop.

As they do come packaged separately, I would advise that you wait for all of them to arrive before you start unpacking. I would also recommend having somebody with you to move the items as the parts of the desk are deceptively heavy. Although if you are in a pinch, you can do it yourself, it does help to have somebody to help.

The parts are very well packaged and are designed to be shipped unscathed from the sometimes very heavy hand of delivery companies. Once you have unpackaged everything be sure to look at the instructions even if you do think you are a bit of a DIY whizz as the way they ask for steps to be followed makes the whole experience very straightforward.

Spec Sheet

  • Dual motors capable of lifting up to 125KG
  • 3.8cm/s lifting speed
  • Height range: 58cm – 123cm
  • Desktop size compatibility: 120-210cm (Width) x 60-80cm (Depth)
  • Control panel functionality:
    • Up/Down Button
    • Memory Presets
    • Child Lock
    • Anti Collision
    • LED Touch Screen

Building the desk

These instructions are a bit better than IKEA instructions with detailed illustrations showing you how to put together the desk in great detail. I would maybe have a read over once before attempting to build it as I did get stuck on one step because I brushed over the instructions.

The kit includes a bag with screws labelled A to E and then a hex (Allen) key which helps keep the process fairly straightforward. You will need an additional Philips crosshead which is not included in the kit but I am sure pretty much every single toolbox or kitchen drawer will have this DIY essential.

I built the Flexispot E7 in just under an hour and a half on my own which I found was a decent time considering I recently built an IKEA TV cabinet which took me nearly 5 hours to complete.

Benefits of a standing desk

So you may ask what the benefit of a desk like this is, surely a standard desk with a normal chair is all you need especially as offices and schools have done this for generations without any issues.

The main reason this benefits me is to keep me engaged in the work I am doing. If I am sitting for an extensive period of time, I often find myself getting bored and then I lose concentration and end up getting up and walking off whilst using my phone.

Whereas I found myself swapping between the sitting and standing modes on the Flexispot E7 which meant that I did take a micro-break but it resulted in my productivity going up significantly.

As a huge number of office workers are now working from home for at least 1 day a week if not more, you need to be able to keep motivated and engaged in your work and this definitely helped me keep working and not get as distracted.

Of course, a major reason to use a standing desk is to help with your posture and to prevent you from suffering more long-term back damage especially if your desk chair doesn’t provide much support.

There have been plenty of studies into how sitting in a desk chair all day can be very harmful to you especially over an extended period of time so just by introducing some variation in your working habits can be great (especially if you use an Apple Watch which prompts you to stand for at least a few minutes per hour.



The desk’s motors are capable of lifting up to 125KG of which is inclusive of the desktop so I would say maybe 100KG of real usable weight. You also have to consider that when you are working on the desk, part of your body weight is also being upheld by your desk depending on your posture.

But that 125KG is more than ample for nearly all desk setups even if you factor in a tower PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other desk accessories with ease. It’s likely if you do use a desktop it will be placed on the floor with cables running up into the desk through the 2 cable holes conveniently placed on either side of the desk.


Flexispot rates the dual motors on either side of the desk to move upwards and downwards at 3.8cm which I found to be plenty smooth enough and it’s almost the perfect speed to move the desk without resulting in all of the items on your desk wobbling or falling over.

The motors on the desk aren’t completely silent but near enough and in the usual hustle-bustle of an office it would be completely negligible. Although at home it is a little more noticeable it’s not offensive whatsoever, just a gentle whirr for a few seconds whilst you are making the adjustments.

Motor Audio


Cabling is likely where the Flexispot E7 suffers the most, the under desk cable management tray is average and doesn’t have much free space under either side of the tray should you wish to add anything major apart from the cables necessary to connect both motors to the central control panel.

I would want there to be cable channels along the legs where you can run the mains power cable for the control box as the extra runs of cables are kind of just hanging on the floor which if you are picky about cable management will annoy you.

Running an extension cable from the wall to the bottom of the desk would make more sense as you can contain all of the cables under the desk and have a single cable running out of the desk to the mains plug. You would need to provide your own screws and extension cable for this as Flexispot hasn’t integrated anything in this regard.

The cable between the control panel on the front of the desk back to the control box is also kind of dangling so you would have to purchase your own cable clips in order to keep the cable from dangling.

Flexispot does offer optional extras on their configurator where you can purchase a cable duct and cable spine if you wish.

Control Panel

Moving onto the control panel at the front, it’s very sleek and it is made out of plastic but I did find the front to be a little bit of a fingerprint magnet due to the fact that it is glossy plastic. The primary difference between the E6 and the E7 models of the Flexispot Standing Desk Pro is this control panel, the E6 features the basic version whilst the E7 features the Premium edition.

The touch sensitivity of the capacitive buttons was fully responsive and great. I did struggle a little at the start on how to program the 4 pre-sets which consist of setting 1, setting 2, seated position and standing position. After reading and re-reading the instructions, I got the hang of it. Once you set these positions, I don’t think you would be changing them frequently.

Potentially this would have benefited from being made from slightly more premium materials such as a metal chassis and glass front on maybe even just the bits that are visible from the front of the desk.


I was sent a curved desktop which I would have said probably wouldn’t be my first choice as I have always gone for a desk with a straight front but having a curved desk does help you feel a little more enwrapped in it. It does also help if you have a smaller overall office space since you sit into the desk space a little more even if it is only a couple of cm.

The curve doesn’t sit along the whole front of the desk with about 1/5 of the length on either side being completely flat so if you do end up keeping notebooks or pieces of paper in those sections, they won’t fall off the desk. The control panel on the front can also be placed on either flat-edged section which is also a benefit.

The 2 little cable management holes are missing any sort of cover or cap which I thought was included on desks by standard and I would have really liked these to be included or at least the option to add them separately when placing an order. The lack of the cover makes the desk look a little bare and almost unfinished even when cables are running through.

I would say the desktop quality is pretty standard, it doesn’t feel exceptional and sits around the same level as my old IKEA desk. It does seem hardwearing under normal usage but if you do drop anything heavy on the desk, I am sure that it will suffer a fairly significant dent and rip through the white top covering.

There are some imperfections on the desk that are primarily visible around the side due to the curved nature which is likely harder to get as smooth due to the contour but this may not be as visible on the other variants of the desktops especially due to the grains and textures offered by those designs.

The finish is also a little more textured than I would like as I prefer a completely flat finish but it isn’t so dramatic that it makes the desk unworkable like some other desks I have used in the past.


The legs of the Flexispot E7 are by far the most robust desk legs I have ever seen. I feel like the desk could have a missile launched at it and the legs would still be standing at the end but this also means that if you do accidentally hit your leg on the desk’s legs then you will be in a little pain.

The base of those legs are also fairly sharp towards the front due to the angularity which means that I would recommend being a little cautious about swinging your legs backwards and forwards whilst sitting at the desk.

The overall max standing height of the Flexispot E7 at 123cm was a little bit over my ideal height which meant that the desk would likely be suitable as a standing desk for somebody taller than me by at least a few inches up to maybe 6ft 4 inches potentially?

The lowest height of 58cm also means you can lower the desk out of sight when not needed and use it almost as a sideboard.


Whilst we don’t usually talk about warranties in our reviews, it is worth mentioning due to the slightly different nature of this product. Flexispot offers a 5 year warranty for the frame of the E7 which as I mentioned earlier seems missile proof to me, whilst the motor, controller, switch, electronics and other mechanisms all get 3 years. This is great considering you will likely not wear out the unit in a year of use so to have the extended 3 and 5 year periods is great.


Flexispot’s order page allows you to add a wide range of extras including a desk bike which I actually saw a few weeks ago on Instagram Reels which allows you to burn those calories whilst at your desk. This is available with both a desktop or without (the one with a desktop doesn’t really work too well in this instance) as well as with or without a back.

You can also pick from a range of standard desk and gaming chairs, alongside the moving stools which should keep you a little more active whilst working. The desk can also be put on wheels with a 4 pack of casters so if you do have a more versatile office or studio


The Flexispot Standing Desk Pro E7 was my first extensive experience with a standing desk and I found it to be a great one. The durable build construction of the legs and smooth motors make the day-to-day movement of the desk a pleasure. Whilst the desktop could do with some minor improvements, as it is optional so you could pick a completely different one which works better for you.

Flexispot is also having a Christmas sale which gives you up to 35% off their products up until the 10th of January so you should have a few days to take advantage of this over on Flexispot’s official website.

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