First Look: Vidonn X6

Since it would seem I’m on a roll regarding matches I was asked if I could have wee looky at the Vidonn X6. The second I saw it I thought Fitbit. It looks rather like the little Flex that sits on my wrist, so it can tell me how little exercise I do. This though looks like a blend of the Flex and the Charge I think. It’s got that thin looking shape of the Flex but the screen, well it actually has a screen, my little flex has 4 tiny LED’s. Then there is just the range of features, my wee Flex counts steps and supposedly tells me how I slept if remember to set to sleep mode and back, which I cannot ever seem to consistently do.


So, it has message notification, caller display, SMS notification/Display I think, Twitter, Skype though I’m not completely sure what it shown from them. Just that something has arrived or like my old MBW-100, show you the first line or so of the message? “Sports monitoring” which I take to be a pedometer, smart sleep monitoring and it seems like it detects itself when you’re sleeping, yey if that’s the case because I never ever remember to set the Fitbit. It also can tell if you’ve been sedentary for too long, which that might be good for the health but hmm I’m sat in a chair a lot, that might get annoying. The last feature I’m going to mention, well it has me perplexed. “Business Conference” it says, and just what is that when it’s at home? Lol, I have absolutely no idea but maybe a calendar reminder system?


The other key thing that I’m really excited about is the battery life. It may have a more simple screen than the other watches out there, with their big LCD or OLED screens that just destroy battery’s. I get that, just like smartphones vs old phones. This has a simple screen and so its battery is claimed to have a standby time of 15 days!!!! Now I know there is no way that can be 15 days actually doing stuff with it, but imagine if it lasted a week? Charging a device once a week these days is practically a miracle.


Only time shall tell how well it actually does, that should be soon though as this is coming from GearBest’s UK (they call it EU, but it’s in the UK) warehouse so it’s literally out with the Yodel delivery van, according to the tracking. Not bad given I only got the email telling me it was in its way this morning. They don’t make any claims of next day delivery but anyone in the UK stands a good chance of that actually happening. Anyway, so if you want to ask anything about it do so in the comments below and I see what I can do to answer them.

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