First Look: No.1 Sun S2 Smart Watch

Having recently taken a first look at the OUKITEL A28 I was asked about the Sun S2 and with a little gentle prodding my friends over at GearBest agreed to toss one my way for review. With it now winging or more likely sailing its way to me let’s have a little first nosey at what it’s all about.

Right now “wearables” are the new and exciting category that is exploding in variety. The No.1 brand may not be something we in the Anglosphere are familiar with, I confess until I was asked about it I’d never heard of them.


Looking at the photos of the watch, it looks rather nice. It has that moto 360 like “flat tire” screen it would seem but otherwise its looks much more like that of a traditional watch. Metal bezel with watch type buttons on the side. It also looks like a nice metal band and with standard strap fittings!!! (You hear that Motorola, standard watch strap fittings!) What’s more they offer various straps, black metal, silvered metal, golden metal, or black or brown leather. The watch bezel comes in the silver, gold or black too.


Looking at the specs it looks good too, IP67 rated, heart rate sensor, Bluetooth, pedometer etc etc. You can read the spec sheet for everything. Still it would seem to do all you’d want and then it comes in at just £42 or about US$63. Like the A28 they are both vastly cheaper than Android wear or the Apple one. I find myself hoping for so much, on paper and in pics it looks great, the round one to the A28 square. Time will tell when it comes how it lives up in the real world but I have high hopes for it.


If you have any specific questions about it, ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer them for you in the full review once it’s arrived

Update: GearBest have kindly offered you all a discount code ” GBSS2 “, dropping its price to just US$52 or about £37 and they are offering a free Xiaomi USB LED lamp thingy too. Just click the link hit “add to cart” then you’ll see the watch and light added, put the code ” GBSS2 ” in as the promotion code and boom, your done.

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  1. I remember suggesting this on the Oukitel first impressions! Any thoughts? As I’ve seen you have it 🙂

  2. hi, nothing public though if you tweet me can try to answer your questions more privately for the moment

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