Edifier X3 Review: Tiny Budget Buds

We reviewed the Edifier TWS NB back in April of 2020. We scored them highly in battery life and their clean audio. The Edifier X3 buds enter the market at a cheaper price, with a watered-down feature list, but still with a good design (perhaps better) and compelling specs on paper. Let’s see how they stack up to the previous Edifier heavyweights as well as others in the same class.

Edifier X3
  • Tiny, powerful buds
  • Very comfortable
  • Good battery life
  • Minimalist, unobtrusive design
  • micro-USB charging on the case
  • No charging notification LEDs

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The Edifier X3 buds were provided free of charge by Edifier in exchange for a full and fair review. No money has changed hands and Edifier have not received prior visibility to the article, and we sought no approval for the copy prior to publishing. The review was completed after a 2-week review period.

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Overview & Unboxing

Edifier X3 in charging case

The Edifier X3 buds are the latest offering from the Chinese audio manufacturers.

are tiny buds. We’ve reviewed some small buds in the past, and these ones are right up there. I have the white colour option, but they are available in black also. The design isn’t going to be a selling point but, nor will it be a reason to avoid. They are very subtle in branding, with a debossed ‘X’ logo on the touch panel of each bud. Made of premium plastic, aside from the silicone earpiece, they have a matte finish making them less prone to finger grease.

The charging case is equally nondescript with the same material choice and colour as the Edifier X3 buds themselves. With a small magnet keeping the charging case together, there is only a micro-USB charging port, and a small ‘Edifier’ logo adorning the caddy. There are no LED notifications anywhere, only on the buds themselves.

Edifier X3 charging port on case

In the box, Edifier includes replacement silicone tips of different sizes. There’s also a micro-USB charging cable, as well as a quick start guide which outlines the controls required for the touch panel.

Spec Sheet

  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth Protocol : A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Audio Decoding : Apt X, SBC
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 95dB
  • Noise Cancellation: CVC V8.0
  • Protection: IPX5 rating
  • Effective Distance: 10m
  • Playback Time: About 6 hours (Earbuds @ 50 mAh)+ 18hours (Charging case)
  • Input: DC 5V 50mA (Earbuds), DC 5V 350mA (Charging case)

Audio & Fit

The Edifier X3 fit snugly in the ear immediately. As a result, they are extremely comfortable in short stints and don’t fatigue the ears in longer sessions. Taking the buds out of the charging case for the first time, they immediately switch to pairing mode, which speedily connects to the device of your choice.

The touch panel on each bud can be used to control certain features of the Edifier X3. During an incoming call, a single tap on either bud will answer and/or end the call. Whilst listening to music, a single tap will play/pause, whilst double and triple taps will skip to the next or previous tracks respectively. If you wish to engage the devices’ digital assistant, simply tap and hold either bud for approximately 2 seconds. I usually dislike this method of engaging features, instead preferring a top/bottom mounted control. On the Edifier X3 buds the touch panel is sensitive enough that the taps you make are not pushing the X3s further into your ear canal, causing discomfort.

Edifier X3 in ear


Once you decide what to fire up, the audio is, as it was on the Edifier TWS NB unit, incredibly clean and clear. They do favour the low end so bass heads and Hip-Hop fans (check!) will immediately feel at home. It’s not overpowering, far from it. The highs come through just as clear. Snare and Bass strut across the soundstage with equal bravado. The mids can sometimes be lost a little depending on the genre, but those occasions are few and far between.

Do People Still Make Calls?

Calls are clear and precise. Recipients said they could hear me crystal clear, largely thanks to the included Qualcomm-designed CVC (Clear Voice Capture) 8.0 noise cancellation technology. For my part, there was some background noise from my surroundings which caused me to turn up the caller on occasion. The Edifier X3 does lack any Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology which is specifically designed to deliver the user with isolation from their surroundings. The few times I received or made a call on these buds, it was more than adequate. During music sessions, the isolation is good as music is usually busier than the average caller.

The battery life on the Edifier X3 is good. These tiny buds managed just shy of their claimed 6-hours of continuous playback. With the caddy providing around 18-hours of playback per charge, you’re set for a good few days depending on your usage.

Final Thoughts

Edifier X3

The Edifier X3 buds are perfect for those with a combination of work and play use cases. A commute will be made more fun with these tiny buds, once they are a part of normal life for everyone once more. Fitness workouts are a cinch also, thanks to the inclusion of IPX5 protection. A jog in the rain should be fine too as the IPX5 rating measures a sustained, targeted water spray.

For just £33, these deliver very similar performance to the Edifier TWS NB buds, with a more minimalist design. The battery life is on par with those in a similar price band too.

step brothers did we just become best friends gif | WiffleGif

Did these just become my daily driver buds for my bike rides? Yup! Check them out.

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