Edifier TWS330 NB Review: ANC Over Battery

The Edifier TWS330 NB earbuds aim to deliver great sound, as you’d expect, along with competitive ANC, for a wallet-friendly price of under £60. Let’s see what’s in the package, how they compare to others on the market and more importantly, just how well that ANC works.

Edifier TWS330 NB
  • Good ANC
  • Even soundstage
  • Competitively priced
  • Gloss everywhere
  • Poor battery life

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The Edifier TWS330 NB earbuds were sent to MobileTechTalk in exchange for a full and fair review. No money has exchanged hands and Edifier will see the review for the first time at the point of publication. The Edifier TWS330 NB has been reviewed over a two week period, paired with an Android smartphone.

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Edifier has a strange product portfolio. There are three or four product sets just within the earbuds section of their website. We’ve previously reviewed other Edifier product lines, and the TWS line seems to sit between the ‘X’ line-up and their NeoBuds in terms of quality and pricing. The Edifier TWS330 NB buds are packaged neatly with minimal waste, which I appreciate. The flimsy plastic inner tells you exactly which demographic these buds are marketed towards though.

The buds are housed within a very glossy pill-esque charging cradle and are themselves glossy plastic in construction. They favour the stem design but have a stunted growth to them making them more compact. The buds sit like growths at the top part of the stem and are bulbous in design. The stems show Edifier branding, with a left/right print on the inside of the buds. There are pinhole microphones at the bottom and top of the buds for voice calla and digital assistant use.

The Edifier TWS330 NB are available in four colours, pink, white, cream and the black option being reviewed here.

Spec Sheet

  • 8mm dynamic drivers
  • Bluetooth – v5.0
  • Codecs – AAC, SBC
  • IP54 rated
  • Battery – 4-hours + 12-hours (with ANC on)
    • Buds – 32mAh
    • Charging Case – 350mAh
  • USB Type-C charging (case)

In The Box

  • Charging cradle
  • 4 pairs of spare silicone tips
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty information

Audio & Use

I was impressed when I put the large silicone tips on these buds and shoved them into my ear. I was expecting these to fall out. The glossy black plastic is so slippery I expected to be holding them to test my playlist playback. Thankfully, the silicone tips fit snugly and hold them in position just fine. I did notice a slight squeak to them whilst in my ear if I move too much.

After a prolonged listening session though, my ears did feel a little fatigued as the hard, glossy plastic almost sits on your ear when snugly fit. Not a deal-breaker but worth noting.

Comfort aside, the audio on the Edifier TWS330 NB is incredible for the price. These sit at £60 (you can find them on sale if you shop around) and sound quality has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. Edifier has clearly harnessed this technological advancement because the ANC implementation is also pretty good. Whilst testing on the tube, as well as simulating white noise within an enclosed office, the Edifier TWS330 NB impressed me. The soundstage in ANC mode is like a summer duvet; it just drapes across the external noise, dampening it to a point where it’s still just audible, but isn’t irritating, like cheaper implementations.

Whilst listening to my usual tracklist of Hip-Hop and similar bass-heavy tracks as well as some acoustic audio, they were so clean and crisp, from the off. Bass is rumbling and deep, whilst mids and highs have clear separation in almost all use cases. I found some dance tracks did struggle to find that separation, but then again, I’ve had a similar experience in earbuds costing twice as much as the Edifier TWS330 NB.

The Edifier Connect app is a nice companion to the buds, allowing easy control of the listening mode if you don’t want to be tapping your ear when you go in and out of shops. If you’re looking to change the tap functionality, for example, on each earbud, the Edifier Connect app will allow you to do it. Sadly no swipe gestures here; tap only.

On that particular point, I don’t like pushing anything into my ear too much so tapping an already snugly-fit earbud is always a concern. Luckily users can customise the tap sensitivity too, so light touches work perfectly well!

The Edifier App also allows quick visibility of the battery life across both buds. You’ll have to keep a close eye on these as you won’t be undertaking any long listening sessions. Whilst the marketing suggests that 4-hours of continuous playback with ANC on, my testing showed closer to 3-hours (around 3-hours and 20-minutes to be precise) in my rundown tests. The battery life is quite sensitive to volume changes too. I noticed that, with ANC on, moving the volume notch down to around 25% provided around an additional 10% of battery life. Just keep an eye on it. If you want to play this game, you can sit and watch the numbers ticking down as you listen to your music!

When you do have to top up, there’s no Qi Wireless Charging here, with Type-C charging only. The buds will take around 1-hour to charge fully, which isn’t too bad.

Final Thoughts

The Edifier TWS330 NB is a strange product. Firstly, the glossy finish is beyond ugly. It reminds me of a product from 10-years ago, and it just makes handling the buds themselves more difficult, whilst also being fingerprint magnets. Secondly, their product lineup is a bit of a mess. Pricing is the only way to differentiate their products.

That said, Edifier has managed to pull together a spec sheet that delivers very good audio in general, and a very decent ANC implementation. The only downer on an otherwise excellent overall package is the battery life. As I finish writing this review, my review pair are entering single-digits in terms of their battery percentage, after only 30-mins of use, from 50% charged, with ANC on. Perhaps a firmware update may stabilise things a little.

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