EasyAcc Ultra Slim Power Bank Review

The EasyAcc Ultra Slim 10,000 mAh power bank, or model PB10000PT if you prefer, isn’t anything too special in terms of design, but it has some things going for it that a lot of similar products don’t; it has support for both Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 as well as Mediatek’s equivalent, it has very good efficiency, it’s not too heavy, and it’s at the right price which always helps.

EasyAcc Ultra Slim Power Bank
  • Portability King
  • Efficient
  • Support for Quick Charging technologies
  • Good price
  • Only one USB out
  • No Type-C input/output

Buy on Amazon UK – £22.99 (Prime)

In 2018, smartphone manufacturers are still struggling to deliver more than a day’s use from their devices, and even then perhaps under light to moderate usage. For those who are road warriors, take lots of pictures, aren’t often away from their smartphone and require it for day to day activities, this can be a bind. Wireless charging in Coffee shops is fine, but unless you live in a big city you’re going to struggle to find them, and that’s purely dependant on your device of course. Smart charging has helped us get a boost to our battery meter within a shorter amount of time, but again, it’s purely dependant on where you are and the situation you’re using your device in.

Portable power banks have grown in popularity with general smartphone consumers, perhaps fuelled by long Pokémon Go sessions requiring some other form of power to allow them to “catch them all”. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that there are a few areas that are key when considering which power bank you want to have with you, at all times. Weight is probably up there in terms of the number one consideration. If it’s too heavy, you’re not going to want to try and pry it into your skin tight Jeans. Battery size is of course another. Too big and you risk causing an issue in the portability stakes, which we’ve already cited as key. However, go too small and whilst it may be portable, it’s not going to charge your device too much.

easyacc ultra slim

The EasyAcc Ultra Slim 10000 mAh Power Bank delivers the triple threat; portability, battery size, and price. I’ve reviewed many and purchased even more battery banks over the years, and this is my go-to power bank for being out and about. It fits in my laptop bag, my coat pocket, my Jeans, pretty much everywhere!

Looking around the device it’s quite a sparse design, but with a Black, White and Blue colour variant, you at least have some choice as to how the device looks. Incidentally the Black device, whilst identical in every way but colour, is slightly cheaper.

On the front of the EasyAcc Ultra Slim there’s a small recessed logo and a row of four notification LEDs to signify the amount of power left in the tank. This is toggled by clicking the power on button which is situated on the right-hand edge. Double click this power button to engage the rather bright LED torch on the top edge, which has a Type-A USB output next to a microUSB input charging port. On the rear, there are just some small call-outs as to the functions of the top edge ports.

easyacc ultra slim

One particularly interesting one is the “Smart” charging port. Most power banks have an intelligent smart charging port in 2018, however, not all of them can boast support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0, along with Huawei’s Fast Charging and Super Charging as well as MediaTek’s equivalent, Pump Express. That’s pretty impressive and was one of the main reasons I wanted to get hold of this device.

Charging times are exactly what you’d expect. On everything but my OnePlus 5 which employs perhaps the fastest of fast charging technologies, Dash Charging, other devices with QC, MTK PE or FCP/SCP from Huawei performed at least close their OEM charging bricks. Colour me impressed.

Not only were charging times excellent, but efficiency was top-notch. I managed to charge the OnePlus 5 (which has a 3300 mAh battery) twice, and then up to 70% before the power bank gave in. That pushed efficiency up to a whopping 93-94%. That’s excellent.

That’s pretty much the story here. For the price, you’re getting wide support for quick charging technologies, a large, efficient battery, and something extremely portable. It would be nice to see USB Type-C on here, or perhaps another Type-A output instead of the largely useless (albeit extremely bright) LED torch, but overall I can#’t recommend this highly enough for those looking for a device to charge their smartphone whilst out on the road. The EasyAcc Ultra Slim will stay with me for some time I suppose! Just make sure you buy it in Black and save that extra £2!

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