EarFun Air TWS – This Could Be An Apple Product, They Just Work

I’ve personally reviewed a few things by EarFun, but never really thought of them as anything but another, in a plethora of, Amazon-based consumer electronics sellers. I got the chance to look at yet another pair of TWS earbuds, and I was frankly a little jaded by the entire market segment; I mean they’re everywhere and most of them are okay at best. I’m glad I didn’t pass!

EarFun Air TWS
  • Very good audio
  • Comfortable for long sessions
  • Good battery life
  • Compelling additional features
  • Controls lack finesse

Buy on Amazon UK – £55

UPDATE: Thanks to EarFun, you’ve got until the end of July to use a 10% coupon using this code!

  • Code: EARFUN35


The EarFun Air TWS buds were sent to us by EarFun directly, in exchange for a full and fair review. EarFun have no editorial input as to the copy contents, and will not receive an advance preview of the finished review.

EarFun Air – Overview & Design

earfun air

Yes, it’s another set of not-quite-Air-Pods. The industrial design of the EarFun Air TWS buds doesn’t attempt to shy away from the product they are emulating too much, especially in the white colour variant. That to one side though, the EarFun Air is a nice looking piece of kit in its own right. Constructed primarily from plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap here. It’s a good plastic aside from the fact it’s glossy.

Alongside the device itself comes a USB Type-C charging cable, warranty card, user manual, and a few sets of differently sized silicone tips. It’s good to see that manufacturers are finally getting the message that USB Type-C connectors are more practical than the ageing microUSB.

The Air has a stalk style bud, with each of the buds containing a dynamic drive and dual microphones for superior call clarity. Not active noise cancelling here sadly.

The Air buds sit in the ear neatly and as the manual states, giving them a slight twist forward and/or back once seated provides a little extra stability. they seem to have a great balance of weight which helps with longer listening sessions.

Pairing, as with all similar devices, is as simple as plucking the EarFun Airs out of their case and opening the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. Click the EarFun Air when found and it’ll crank into life and connect.

earfun air


  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0 (up to 50m connectivity)
  • Battery: 2*55mAh lasting up to 7 hours
  • Charging Time:  1.5 hour
  • Charging Case battery: 500mAh (has Qi wireless charging capabilities)
  • Total Weight: 59.8
  • Audio Codecs AAC, SBC

EarFun Air – Performance & Use

earfun air

I have to confess; I wasn’t expecting anything at all from these. As I mentioned previously, I have covered EarFun devices previously and whilst they all did the job, there was nothing outlandish about them. The EarFun Air buds might be the first product I have tried from them that changes my mind.

Firstly, they just work, something every consumer looks for in this post-Apple world. They also fit snug and feel comfortable from the off.

earfun air

Furthermore, they produce a lovely sound signature. They are clear in the mids, crisp and defined in the lows, and measured in the highs. It was the lows that shocked me. A lot of the music I spend most of the time listening to have rumbling lows (Hip-Hop, Grime, some alternative rock, etc) so definition in the varied bass is a must. Thankfully the Airs don’t let me down here. Throwing an Amazon Music ‘Rap Rotation’ playlist at them was a real joy.

Just to switch it up a little I put some Top 40/Pop on for 30-minutes to put them through their paces and the vocals and percussion were pleasingly clear. This audio would probably satisfy most people shopping at this end of the market.

With the audio providing such a good experience, you could be forgiven for thinking we’re all but done, but there is more to talk about when it comes to the overall package on the EarFun Air buds.

When not listening to audio, you might be taking calls on the EarFun Air buds. I know that’s a largely foreign concept in 2020, but some of us still do. Those that do should be able to be heard relatively clearly, as I only noticed minor distortion in my test recordings. I also found I could hear Teams calls absolutely clearly, even in a garden with, without doubt, the noisiest birds on the planet hanging around. This could be in part to the dual microphones on both buds providing the called out noise cancellation.

The battery life is also up there with some of the better TWS buds on the market for this price. I managed just shy of EarFun’s suggested “up to” rating of 7 hours whilst running at around 70% volume. Lower that if possible and you’ll easily smash 7-8 hours.

What’s great here is that even if the battery life was particularly poor, it wouldn’t really matter as they have a form of fast charging technology built-in allowing 2-hours of playback after just 10-minutes of charging. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the EarFun Air includes the ability to charge the case via Qi Wireless Charging pads.

Whilst running the battery life down in a heavy workout session, the included IPX7 rating is going to protect the Air against sweat. IPX7 states that accidental submersion of the device in up to 1-metre of water for up to 30-minutes, should prove no problem for the Air buds to endure.

earfun air

A final positive to note is one I shouldn’t even have to mention in 2020, but sadly I do. Unlike with many other more budget-conscious TWS manufacturers, the Bluetooth 5.0 implementation here has no issues staying connected to the smartphone during playback, or, more importantly, to each other. OEMs, take note – it is possible.

There are a few downsides to report on. When listening to the Airs, controlling the playback can be a little unintuitive. A double-tap on either bud to play or pause the music, with a triple-tap to skip seems a little abnormal. Pressing and holding the right bud will turn the volume up. Repeating the step on the left bud will turn the volume down. These controls make arriving at a specific level difficult to control.

There’s also no support for more recent codecs such as AptX, with AAC and SBC leading the way. This one did bother me slightly as there are other, cheaper products on the market that support this. Luckily, to my ears, the EarFun Air doesn’t suffer due to this decision.

Final Thoughts

earfun air

Buy them. Seriously, I rate these that highly. If you don’t have the budget for Apple Air Pods, but want something that shares some of the same aesthetics, these could well be th buds for you.

The audio is very good, with a clear, crisp sound signature. They have good battery life as standard, but are provided more thanks to the very portable carry case. Add on the Qi Wireless fast charging features, and IPX7 rating, and I think Earfun have a winner.

The amount you spend on truly wireless earbuds usually directly correlates to the type of satisfaction you’re likely to see. Add another £20 to the price of the Airs and you will doubtless get slightly better audio. The full package on offer here should give consumers on a budget pause for thought though. With that in mind, I’m unsure if there are many more compelling offerings at this specific price.

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