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If you have a particularly bad time of things in the winter such as sore or dry skin, chapped lips, or nosebleeds (yes, even those) or perhaps you have Asthma, you’ll no doubt have dabbled with the idea of using a humidifier to breathe moisture into the immediate air around you to aid in lessening the symptoms. This dodocool humidifier can be taken on the road with you and can help when you’re in that hotel room with no windows!

dodocool humidifier

If you’re not one of the above, affected by the cold Winter weather, or have respiratory symptoms as described above, then the chances are you might need a little enlightenment. Humidifiers range in features and sizes bit their goal is to expel water vapour from them in order to increase the humidity directly surrounding the unit. Why is that important? Well, low humidity can cause some of the adverse health effects mentioned above and can affect one’s sleep also. There are some downsides of humidifiers as well, but if you keep them clean then there should be no issue, and the pros outweigh the cons for those needing to make use of one.

The dodocool humidifier is a small little thing really. About as big as a take-out coffee cup, which is ideal as it can sit in cup holder of most cars without issue thanks to its 6″ x 3″ measurements. Design-wise, it’s a little on the bland side, which some might find boring, whilst others will be happy enough that it goes with everything. Personally, I’m not bothered about what it looks like, only how it operates. This is one product that requires function over form every day of the week! Black plastic coats the outside of the humidifier with a metallic ring denoting the two separate parts, and a plastic button on the rear of the neck of the device to control the flow of vapour.

dodocool humidifier

The package contents are equally sparse with the unit, a replacement cotton bar, microUSB cable to power the unit although it comes with no power plug, and a tiny instruction manual. There’s not much to using it so the manual is largely for show.

There’s only really two functions to the dodocool humidifier also, on, or intermittent. Fill the dodocool humidifier up with water, but not beyond the max line (this should be a little clearer to see so take care), connect it up to a USB port (on your computer, wall charger; anywhere) and the vapour will still pouring out of the top of the device. Click the button on the rear which currently would be illuminated blue, and change it to red to have the vapour disperse for 10 seconds at a time then rest for 10 seconds before continuing the cycle. That’s basically it – it just works!

Filling the dodocool humidifier up to its max will likely give you close to 3 hours of vapour (just shy of that in our testing but close enough) and more than double that if you use the intermittent mode. That’s not too bad and will do most people for a car journey. You can always top it up!

dodocool humidifier

For the cost of £15.99 I can’t have expected too much more to be honest. Sure, there aren’t too many functions here. Some humidifiers support aromatic oils to give your room a nice smell too, but that doesn’t especially bother me. The only gripes I have here are the lack of an included power brick, or, as it’s supposed to be used on the go, in one’s car, a car charger, as well as the fact that it has to be tethered to a USB cable to operate. A small 250 mAh battery would have been nice just to get an hour or so of vapour.

On the whole, though, I’ve enjoyed having this in my car. I drive a lot for work, and whilst I’m not the target audience for this, the placebo effect for me has been enough. For those that can make some real use of it, £15.99 is nothing – give it a go.

dodocool Humidifier




Build Quality









  • 3 hours of vapour is enough
  • Spill free design
  • Incredibly simple to use


  • No built in battery
  • A little bland

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