Dodocool DA144 Headphones: New Budget Wireless Champs

A while back we reviewed the Dodocool DA109 IEMs which I thin I declared as my new go to gym IEMs such was their sound quality and battery life. Fast forward to the end of 2017 and the Dodocool DA144 show just how far they, and technology have come on in just 6 months.

UPDATE: If you fancy a bit of a discount on these bad boys, check out this link for the Dodocool DA144 headphones, use the code below and receive these for £17.99 – this is a no brainer people; repeat, a no brainer!


dodocool da144

The Dodocool DA144 truly wireless headphones are, wait for it….my new favourite go to gym headphones. Heard that before yeah? Well they just keep putting some excellent budget products out there, and these are just another example of that.

In the package comes the headphones, some replacement tips, instruction manual, charging cable (which splits into two for both ear pieces) and a carry case which is a nice inclusion.

dodocool da144

I have had my issues with the so-called “truly wireless” product arena with many I’ve tested just failing to stay connected to my smartphone, and indeed each other. However I’m happy to report that these have, so far (touches wood) been absolutely rock solid. You can use both items together or indeed in mono-mode connecting one ear piece to 2 different devices. I’m argue many people will not be using them like that but hey, it’s an option!

The material choice is interesting. The ear pieces themselves are plastic, with silicone tips, however the ear hook is not only rubberised, but can be manipulated to ensure a tight and comfy fit no matter the natural design of your ear! This is another area I’ve had issues with previously but here, I’ve had none. That speaks volumes for the design in my opinion.

Turn on either of the devices and a nice woman in your ear will notify that the power has been turned on. Turn on the next ear piece and she’ll tell you that both ear pieces have connected to each other. Press and hold the power button and she’ll once again get in your ear and tell you that pairing mode is waiting for your smartphone to connect, and she’ll once again notify you when the pairing has been completed. Thankfully, she’ll then shut up and let the Dodocool DA144 speak for themselves.

There’s ample low end, no bleeding into the mid-range, and excellent high-end from the 14.2mm drivers included in each ear piece. They get very loud, and that volume can be controlled by the  buttons on the ear pieces. That’s right, the same actions can be controlled by either ear piece which is something so simple I’m left wondering why more manufacturers don’t ship with a similar design.

A volume up and down button flank the play button. All buttons are multi-function with long pressing the volume buttons controlling the track selection whilst the play button will of course play your selections or pause them, but will also answer incoming calls, which are quite decent on this device thanks to the inclusion of an HD microphone. I would suggest using this as a headset whereas again, I couldn’t say that with previous models from both Dodocool and other vendors.

The only other area that this could fail me is battery life. Over 6 hours – over 6 hours of continuous playback. Do you know how many gym visits that is for me? It’s a lot! Each ear piece has a 95mAh battery in them which also doesn’t take too long to fully charge. I’ve only ever charged these for around 1 hour at a time and I’ve never been in a position where they’ve just died.

These Dodocool DA144 wireless IEMs are just amazing. They have a good design, a few nice features such as the HD microphone, as well as CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, as well as being incredibly comfortable too. So, what’s wrong with them? Is it the price? Hell no, these are just £26.99. They are peanuts!

There’s no reason no to plump for these in the January sales and I can’t think of anything I’d do differently aside from give them away for free so everyone can enjoy them. For the price, there’s nothing better I’ve tried.

Dodocool DA144




Build Quality


Battery Life







  • Great price
  • Excellent audio from small drivers
  • Very comfortable
  • Nice extras included
  • Nice carry case


  • Perhaps the buttons could be textured differently

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