Review: Tylt Energi Backpack

If you’ve ever been to an event to cover it, needed to take a number of devices somewhere exotic, or simply travelled for work, you might well know the pain of carrying multiple bags for multiple reasons. A laptop in a bag, phones in pockets, media players in coats, somewhere to put all those chargers and adapters, and so on. The Tylt Energi Backpack looks to turn all your frowns upside down with its multiple compartments and built-in device charging functionality.

The Tylt Energi Backpack has a wealth of functionality as well as sheer volume in its 110 cubic inches. A built-in 10,400 mAh battery pack is the star of the show allowing devices being transported in one of its 13 compartments to be kept topped up, charged, and ready for use.

Conveniently placed pass through loops allow the USB cables, of which 3 are bundled, to route to the aforementioned compartments with ease and there’s even a Headphone pass through from a pocket specifically designed to store a mobile device or media player.

Take a look at our video review of the Tyle Energi Backpack below and let us know in the comments if this is something you’d look to use at your next event or even on holiday?



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Tylt Energi Backpack

£130 delivered from US












  • Comfy Design
  • Lots of pockets
  • Ample room
  • Nifty extras


  • Only 3 USB ports
  • Price

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