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Something of a trend in the last 12-18 months has been additional lens for smartphone camera. Given the fact the majority of social media picture sharing come from Smartphones, people are wanting to take advantage of their uber-snappers on their phones and get a bit creative. So we took a look at the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens to see what the fuss was about.

Let’s start with what this Olloclip actually is. Essentially it is a customised set of lenses to fit on specific smartphone devices. Olloclip have lenses to fit iPhones back to the 4/4s and up to the 6S/6SPlus. They also have lenses for Samsung Galaxy S4 and 5 and iPad. Not the most exhaustive list, but we expect to see much more in the future. The reason there might be the delay is the close fit and the design of the Olloclip lenses – they fit perfectly!

Olloclip also offer active lenses, telephoto and wide-angle lenses as well as pure macro lenses for these devices. Finally, they have accessories such as the Olloclip Quick-Flip case to give some extended functionality. We’re looking at their Olloclip 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 5/5S however.

OlloclipThe unit is incredibly simplistic to use. Pull it out of its small packaging and push it down over your device and you’re good to go. The iPhone 5/5S version we had, had a snug fit, and could be manipulated without it being pulled off the device like other lenses we’ve tried.

The Olloclip 4-in-1 lens has a metallic midpoint which holds both sides together and the lenses in place. Each side of the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens is dual purpose. On one side, a wide-angle lens, and on the other a fish eye lens. Unscrew the lens on each side however and you are left with a 10x and 15x macro lens respectively. A neat design in order to keep the device portable and more important, pocketable. It produces some interesting results also.

Whilst the iPhone 5/5S is not the best device to be using this product with to test, but it actually improved the picture-taking process more than we thought it might. The fish eye lens was interesting and with some more interesting subjects and lighting would have proven to have been a nice creative tool, whilst the wide-angle and macro lens options are showcased in terms of the additional shot real-estate and the G Watch R bezel close-ups. All good and we’d be interested to see this device on a more recent smartphone.

The cool metallic feel of both the midpoint, as mentioned, and the lens covering feels premium as well as producing some decent shots that will no doubt only be improved further with the latest devices. It certainly should, this product is not cheap – nor are Olloclip’s other offerings. The 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 5/5S we have runs the average consumer £59.99 whilst the top-tier offering, the Telephoto-Wide Angle, Macro 10x and CPL lens combination for all iPhone 6 variants, tips the scales at £99.99.

There is little more to say here. The device is very interesting and really a good addition for any smartphone photographer…..who is serious about their creative arts. At anywhere from £50 to £100 for these additional lenses, you HAVE to be serious about getting the most from your smartphone camera to pump for this product. If you are, you won’t be disappointed. Head on over to the Olloclip website for more products, cases, and even some Selfie options too to up your Instagram game!

Thanks to Olloclip for sending this out for review and we’re interested to see if other Android devices get a product built for them. With the new Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge being released as well as the LG G5, both sporting interesting optical configurations, we’re sure that Olloclip might be readying the next generation of their lens options. The Olloclip devices won’t improve a shot, it just gives more options for the taker. Likewise, if the camera is not up to snuff to begin with, then no amount of fish eye or macro is going to help. Make sure you have a good camera to use with the Olloclip adapters, which we suspect is why Olloclip are very cautious as to what phone they manufacture for.

Which phone would you like to see Olloclip release a lens for?

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens


Hardware & Build Quality




Fit & Finish





  • Pocket sized
  • 4 more options for creativity
  • Great build quality


  • Pricey
  • Limited to a few devices

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