Review: FŪZ Designs Soft Case for the iPhone 6s Plus

When you mention cases, let alone iPhone cases, there are thousands even millions available. I personally am a person that uses a case in every device I use, just because I like to have atleast some kind of protection for my device. Cases also allow you to get a better grip of the device especially nowadays when devices are made of aluminium. Today we take a look at the Soft Case for the iPhone 6/6S Plus from FŪZ Designs.

Overview & Unboxing

FŪZ Designs, the maker of the Soft Case, is a small US based startup. They have done couple of Kickstarter campaigns for their earlier products, like the EverDock and their Bluetooth padlock called Noke.

They also produce couple of cases for the iPhone (6/s and 6/s Plus). The Soft Case is made of precision-cut polyurethane wrapped around a protective inner layer which will keep your iPhone looking sleek while protecting it wherever you go. If you are familiar with Apple’s smart covers for the iPad, the Soft Case feels exactly the same.

The Soft Case comes in a sleek carton box; the box has just a FŪZ Designs logo and their website on it and nothing else. You don’t find any product pictures or any ‘product information’ text on the box. It’s plain and sleek, kind of clean like Apple’s product boxes are.


Inside the box you find a compartment where the case is placed and that is it. There is nothing else in there and what would you actually even need? Most of case manufacturers like to stick all kind of product leaflets inside the boxes which nobody usually reads and just throw them away. Only thing extra is the feature list of the case inside the top cover of the box.


As the name suggest this is a soft snap on style case. It has two layers, the top part being precision-cut polyurethane which is wrapped over a protective inner layer. The case is under 2mm thin but it still provides shock and drop protection because of the harder and stronger material used in the inside layer of the case.

Design & Use

The best thing about this case is the feel in the hand. The back is smooth but still provides a great grip. If you are a fan of Apple’s Smart Covers, you will love this case as the feel is exactly the same. The case has openings for all the needed ports like the lightning port and the 3.5mm headphone jack which is wide enough to allow the use of headphones with a larger headphone jack. The bottom speaker grill is also open so if you (for some weird reason) want to listen music through the speaker it is not a problem with this case. Also one thing I love about this case is how it also protects the bottom of the device and doesn’t leave the whole bottom part open like, for example the Official Apple Leather case does. The part of the back where the rear camera is located the case has a wide opening, enough for the camera and the flash to work correctly.

Size of the case is totally spot on. All the buttons like the volume and the power button are really tactile although they are little tougher to press with the case on. The mute switch on the left side is little bit recessed but still easy to access and I haven’t had a single problem not being able to use it even on the go. The rear camera has enough room so the case won’t ruin your pictures.

As the case is under 2mm thin it doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone. One of the problems with cases that try to offer drop protection is that they use thick materials which of course also add the extra thickness. As the iPhone 6S Plus is already pretty wide and long, I have noticed that most of the cases just add just enough thickness that using the device with one hand is nearly impossible or requires magical finger trickery. This is not a problem when using the Soft Case and I don’t see a big difference compared to Apple Leather cases which I normally use.


Removing and putting the case on is very easy. The case is really soft and doesn’t have hardened edges inside so the phone is easily just slipped inside the case. Popping the phone out of the case is also really easy and doesn’t require any extra force. The case grips nicely around the iPhones sides and there is no looseness in the edges as is the case with many soft plastic cases.


I really, I mean really love this case. It has definitely become my ‘daily driver’ phone case and I have finally retired my almost worn out brown Apple leather case. The case provides just enough grip, thanks to the soft polyurethane layer on the back. One thing that will be interesting to see is how much dirt and muck it will collect when it sits in my jeans pockets, as the material is soft and little grippy it will definitely collect some small lint and dirt. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]After a week of use there is no signs of wear and tear, the case still looks great and as good as it was when I took it out of the box.[/pullquote]

I can definitely recommend this case if you are looking for something that provides enough grip, isn’t too bulky and also provides drop protection for your device.

You can buy one straight from FŪZ Designs webpage. If you are fast they are still running a -50% clearance sale on all cases and Apple Watch docks.


FŪZ Designs


Ease of Use







  • Great materials
  • slim
  • good protection


  • may collect lint and dust
  • buttons need little more force when pushed

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