Review: EC Technology 6 Section Selfie Stick

If you’ve been here a while you’ll have noticed that we at MTT have had a few products from EC Technology. From a Bluetooth speaker to a Qi wireless charging pad. Whilst I had never tried any of their products myself, I was recently given the opportunity to test out the 6 section selfie stick to add I had never tried a selfie stick before so I was looking forward to it. This is the full review of the EC Technology 6 Section Selfie Stick.

In the box you get the selfie stick, a phone to tripod mount, a Go Pro mount, Bluetooth shutter, a holder for the Bluetooth shutter, a button cell battery for the shutter as well as carrying case for it all.

ECTST In The Box

What comes in the box

The case feels nice and hard wearing and allows you the place the selfie stick itself, the phone holder and the Bluetooth shutter (clipped to the stick) with some extra room to spare for the Go Pro mount. The phone holder is another thing that I am thoroughly impressed with. It grips my device (in this case a HTC One M8) very tight and I wouldn’t be afraid to swing my device around as it grips it that well, compared to other holders like the one on the left.

ECTST Phone Holder

On the left a cheap phone holder and on the right the included phone holder.

As for the shutter, it does what it says on tin and allows you to take the picture. Whilst there is some lag, it’s not a deal breaker for taking the quick selfie or two but it’s no good for fast paced shots.

Now for the selfie stick itself. It’s made from aluminium giving it a little bit of weight and feeling like it can take a little bit of a beating, combined with a foam handle that feels soft it looks like the perfect product. The head (when released) will spin a full 360o allowing you to take photos at the strangest of angles.

As I previously mentioned it feels like the perfect product but I don’t know if it was just my unit but I certainly ran into a few issues. Bellow where the poles side, there’s a diagram that says twist to the left to unlock the poles and twist to right to lock the poles but in fact it’s the complete opposite. You twist right to unlock and left to lock the poles into place. Now I’m not sure if it was just my unit or it was a manufacturing mistake but it took me a short while to work it out. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, all it is in an inconvenience.

Now I’d like to say that’s the only fault I have with this product but it’s not. My last issue is a major one and this is a deal breaker. This is a 6 section selfie stick and there are 5 sections that twist and pull out and the 6th section is the handle. The forth section (counting from the handle up) on my particular unit has got stuck in the third section which now makes it a 5 section selfie stick. Which when coupled with the £24.99 price tag, at least at the time of writing this review, really turned me away from the product. Looking on Amazon it just seems like it’s my unit but never the less it questions is it really worth buying.

ECTST Problem

Where to pole is stuck inside another pole.

It feels like a good product but the fact its £24.99 and giving that it isn’t giving me the full functionality of the product, it is stopping me from recommending this. If all 5 sections slid out I would be more likely to recommend it but the £24.99 price tag does seem a little expensive. I would pay £20 myself and if it was £20 I certainly would recommend it based on its fit and finish.

If you have bought this product and you haven’t had any of the problems or if you have had the problems or any others leave a comment or tweet me on Twitter @chriswallace959 I’d like to know if it was just my unit or have others suffered from the same issue.

For more mobile gadgetry, check out the EC Technology website, and our reviews or more info.

EC Technology 6 Section Selfie Stick


Build Quality







  • Great choice of materials
  • Easy to use
  • Included phone holder holds your device firmly in place


  • Not all the sections slide out
  • Incorrect drawn diagram
  • Bit pricey

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