Review: EasyAcc Powerbank 10000CF

Not too long ago I reviewed the EasyAcc PB10000 Power bank (link to review – and I was very impressed with it and I carried it everywhere with me. Well after heading over to the EasyAcc website looking for a new case for my HTC One M8 I stumbled across the updated version the PB10000CF.

From a first look it didn’t look much difference besides size and layout. But that’s not the case, there’s more. To begin with the dimensions it comes in at 144x75x14.8mm making it thinner, longer and wider than the previous model. It is also lighter by 15 grams which is slightly noticeable.

All Colours

All the different colour options.

To add to the new design it now has rounded sides which EasyAcc claims it “provides the greatest comfort”. Another new feature is advanced smart technology which adjusts the output current based on the needs of the device being charged, which will ensure that that the connected device will be charged at the fastest speed possible. This means that both USB ports will out at a maximum of 2.4 Amps. Compared to the previous model used one port to charge at 1.5 Amp and the other 2.1 Amps. This means you don’t have to check which USB port you are about to plug into.

In the box you get the power bank itself, manual and one micro USB cable. Not to different from the previous model, with the only expectation being you now get one instead of two micro USB cable. Considering the device can charge two devices at once, I expected two micro USB cables and not one. But that is the only problem I have.


What comes in the box.

I mainly use power banks for not only charging devices that are thrown in my bag but when also when I’m commuting around town on my motorbike as that is a disadvantage that there is no 12V socket so I make do with power banks and this one is no expectation it works well and fits in my inside jacket pocket. Sure the fact it is longer than the previous model but it still fits even with the cable sticking up. I also use it to the charge my phone when at race meetings at again it performs well. I would much prefer it if one micro USB had straight connectors and another with right angled connectors as this would be less likely to snap/bend the micro USB connector like I have done with the cables from my previous model.

To conclude the EasyAcc PB10000 Power bank is a great improvement over the previous model (PB10000) with improved technology and it is worth the upgrade.

EasyAcc Powerbank PB10000











  • Compact
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a LED torch


  • Only comes with 1 micro USB cable
  • Has to be charged with a 2 Amp charger

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  1. can not seem to find a way to turn off the led tourch.

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