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Here it is, MTT’s first ever review of a landline phone. We wouldn’t want to go as far as saying ‘house phone’ because strictly speaking, this phone was designed to make and receive calls outdoors with its incredible 1km range and waterproof and dustproof handset. MTT gets hands-on with BT’s toughest phone to find out just how good it is.


  • Full 1km wireless range
  • Dustproof
  • Waterproof up to 1m (IP67 rating)
  • Nuisance call blocking
  • Hands free speaker phone
  • Built in answer machine
  • Save up to 200 contacts
  • SMS support
  • Caller ID
  • 10 hour talk time, 250 hour standby

We received a single handset package and in the box is the base station which connects to the power and telephone sockets, a phone charging station, the Elements 1K handset, a long range antenna (a longer version of the standard antenna) and a wall mounting kit for the charging station. It’s clear that this phone has been designed for the business user; the base station can be situated near the telephone socket, while the charging base can be placed somewhere more convenient. The power cables for both the base station and charger are really long, ideal for getting everything in the right position. After hunting down the BT socket in the MTT office, we got the Elements 1K plugged in, charged and ready to go.

BT Elements 1K Handset and Base
BT Elements 1K Handset and Base

Pick this phone up and you can’t escape the fact that is it tough – it’s chunky and feels robust. It has an industrial, masculine design with a two-tone grey finish and exposed screws on the rear. It’s by no means a pretty handset, but it feels well made and you know you’re not going to break it. It has a 1.8″ backlit display which is bright and clear to read, and features backlit, easy to press buttons for use in the dark.

BT Elements 1K Display
BT Elements 1K Display

We love that this phone is water and dustproof. Being waterproof this is the ideal phone for a busy car wash or bar. Being dustproof, the phone is ideal for factories or workshops and BT says that it gives users ‘peace of mind that they will always be able to make and receive calls without worrying about damaging the phone’. It’s clear that BT has designed this phone for the serious business user and we think that it’s got it spot on. We also think it’s the essential phone for the hard-core bather or hot tub owner. Splish-splash.

BT Elements 1K in the shower
BT Elements 1K in the shower

The phone also sports an outstanding 1km wireless range, outdoors. It’s unlikely that you’ll get a full 1km away through walls and buildings but nonetheless, the long-range antenna extends the handset’s reach beyond the capability of most cordless phones. The handset speaker is loud and clear and the in-built speakerphone provides hands-free calling should you need it.

The phone also has some extra nifty features such as a do not disturb mode, which mutes the ringer during set hours for all but pre-set ‘VIP’ contacts, and nuisance call blocking which allows users to block calls from unknown, withheld and international numbers. The phone also includes an answering machine with up to 30 minutes of message space for the calls you miss/ignore.

The BT Elements 1K is a beast of a device and a seriously great phone. If you rely on a land line phone for your business, or just need a home phone that is life-proof, then this is well worth a look.

The device currently retails for £79.99. Check it out over at the BT Shop.

BT Elements 1K




Performance & Usability







  • Water and dust-proof
  • Built-in answering machine
  • Nuisance call blocking
  • 1km outdoor range


  • Price
  • Size

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