Oura ring: Unboxing and first impressions

Today we take a look a product from Finland. Oura is a Oulu, Finland based new startup whose first product, the Oura ring, is now available.

“ŌURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better. ”

Juha unboxes the ring and gives you his first impressions after a few days of use.

oura ring appOura Ring: Your body at a glance

ŌURA ring measures and analyses your body and learns about you and your lifestyle. It communicates its observations and suggestions through a mobile app. The ŌURA app visualizes the measured data, providing you with personalized recommendations. It delivers clear textual message flow showing the trends, details and changes over time.

ŌURA understands how well you have slept and recharged and helps you to balance your life, get more restful sleep and perform better.

More info on Oura, and order yours on their website

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