OtterBox Symmetry case for iPhone 6s Plus review

Otterbox is well known to pretty much everyone who has looked for a robust case for their device. They make a wide variety of cases for almost all phones in the market. They are known for the drop protection and sturdy cases and anyone who is looking for a case that gives them the needed protection against drops and bumps should check them out. Today we are going to check out the OtterBox Symmetry case for the iPhone 6S Plus. Thanks to Otterbox for the sample.

Overview & Unboxing

Otterbox cases are known for providing the extra security to your phone by giving you a really sturdy case, that is made from great materials. Otterbox is the name to choose when you want something that really brings you the extra comfort and peace of mind when you want to protect your phone.

The first thing that comes to mind when you take the OtterBox Symmetry out of the box is “Damn this case is really sturdy”. The case feels really tough and you really need to use force if you try to ‘squeeze’ the case from the sides.

OtterBox Symmetry package

The Symmetric series cases are snap-on style cases made from synthetic rubber (interior) and hard polycarbonate (exterior). Otterbox has kept the build as a single piece build but still bringing so called dual layer protection.

The interior which is rubbery like material has also the honeycomb pattern on it which has come pretty standard on cases that market themselves providing drop protection. All the needed ports, the lightning port and the 3.5mm headphone jack, have a wide opening so these wider lightning cables or headphones won’t cause problems when the case is on. Volume rockers and the power button have their own protection and the buttons have a raised ‘lip’ on the case. Pressing the button is easy and they provide a nice tactile feedback when pressed. Even the iPhone’s mute switch is easily accessible which usually is a problem for these extra thick cases. Although you probably will need two hands to operate the mute switch.

OtterBox Symmetry Design & Use

The Otterbox Symmetry has a good and really tough feel to it. I wouldn’t be afraid to drop my phone with this case on as it really protects the phone from every aspect, except the screen portion. The case does wrap around the device and the sides come over the screen a little bit providing that needed lip so the screen won’t be first part that touches the ground if you happen to drop your phone.

The dual layer construction does mean that this case is little on the ‘bulky’ side, but if you really need the protection that shouldn’t be a problem. It also means that handling the phone wearing this case is worry-free. The case provides you a little bit better grip as the interiors soft rubber material also extends to the top of the devices sides and the bottom.

OtterBox Symmetry iphone6

When you buy these cases you need to understand few ‘setbacks’ that comes with them. As said, the case is pretty bulky but it’s still one of the slimmest ones I have seen in this category. Talking about the iPhone 6S Plus, which is not the smallest 5.5” device in the market (thanks to Apples design principles), the case adds just a little too much extra to the width of the device and makes one hand use little bit more harder. If you have trouble using the 6S Plus without a case with one hand this won’t make it any easier. Also the back side of the phone is made of very hard and smooth plastic. It doesn’t really provide any grip as it’s really slippery material. Luckily the interiors soft rubber material is used in the side portions which really helps as your fingers will touch the rubber material and not slippery, hard plastic on the back.

Another thing you have to realise with the Otterbox Symmetry is that the case is pretty easy to put on to your phone, but taking the case off is another task entirely. Getting the case off really needs some extra work and use of force. The case wraps around the device really hard and taking it off is not painless. Again, you have to understand that these cases are meant to be used all the time, these are not meant for users that like to take their phone off from a case and then put it back all the time. The weight part is another thing to realise. Even if the case is just made of plastic it will add extra and noticeable weight.


Someone who is looking for that extra protection, the Otterbox Symmetry is a great choice. If you work, for example, outside all day in a ‘rough’ environments I would definitely recommend the Otterbox. If you want to go even more hardcore, go with the Otterbox Defender series.

On the other hand if you are looking for something to just protect the device from scratches, the Otterbox might be a little overkill. The Otterbox Symmetry goes for 40€ which is not too expensive for a all around protective case. As a all around protection without adding too much bulk, the Otterbox Symmetry is a great choice. Paired with a good glass screen protector (you can get one from Otterbox too) it is a great combo and will protect your device from pretty much anything you throw at it.

Otterbox Symmetry for iPhone 6S Plus


Build Quality


Fit & Access









  • Provides great all-around protection
  • Good quality
  • All ports ands buttons are easily operated


  • Adds extra bulk
  • Adds maybe too much extra weight
  • Backside is real slippery

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