If you follow me on social media, you will know that fairly recently I have moved my bedroom around and ordered a new desk. My bed was in front off a pull cord, which would allow me to turn the light off once I had got into bed. Due to the size of the desk it means that it now sits where the bed was and now the bed is where the desk was (the opposite wall to the where the pull cord is).

So what I needed was a bulb that I could turn of remotely. I did think about a Belkin Wemo bulb, but the Wemo starter kit (which includes 2 bulbs and the hub) costs £59.99 and I couldn’t justify the price. Besides I only wanted the one bulb. I did also think about a remote switch and then plug the extension lead with a lamp into it and then turn the whole extension lead off at once. Though it would mean that the draws would stick out way to much.

So I ended back at square one. Looking for a bulb with a remote. So off to Amazon I go. Taking a quick look on Amazon I was looking at paying anywhere from £6.99 to £11. Whilst I was scrolling through I discovered one at £3.48. It seemed like a nice little bargain. It was coming from Honk Kong and it would take about 20 to 30 days to get here. I didn’t really want to wait that long. So I kept scrolling and that is when I stumbled on this one. Coming in at £4.99 it was still a bargain and add the fact it would be here in two days made it my choice. Ordered!


So as far as the unboxing goes there really isn’t much to unbox. The box is plain and all you get is the bulb, remote and what appears to be part of a blade for craft knife. Now I don’t think the blade was supposed to be there. So I just threw it away. Madness!

Set Up

So this is as simple as the packaging. All you do is remove your existing bulb and insert this one. Turn on the switch, and it should automatically start scrolling threw the colours. Then its just a case of  selecting the colour you want. You can dim the selected colour or make it brighter. There are 4 modes and these are located on grey buttons with a black outline. They are:

  • Flash
    Switched off and fitted
  • Strobe
  • Fade
  • Smooth

Flash quickly cycles through the colours, whereas strobe does the same but just slowly. Fade cycles through the colours slowly by, well, fading. Whereas Smooth does the same as fade but slower. Now one thing I will point out is when you are using these modes you cannot alter the brightness of the bulb. This can only be done when using a solid color


So whilst this is a very short review and it will more than likely struggle to reach 600 words I really can’t complain about the bulb, mainly due to the fact it is so simple and it just works. All I wanted it for was to turn off the light from a remote and the fact is has different colour options as well as a dimmer is a bonus. Not to mention the price. It is really a no brainer. If you’re looking for something similar, take a look.



Build Quality


Ease Of Use







  • Cheap
  • Plug it in and it works
  • Has a dimmer


  • Remote could easily be lost

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