Choetech 3 Coil Fast Wireless charger review

Most of you are probably already aware of Chloetech, and if you are not you might have used their products without knowing it. They are pretty well known manufacturer of accessories for mobile phones and have been very supportive of our podcast and where nice enough to send me their newest version of their ‘Choetech 3 coil wireless charging plate’ for review. They have also now upgraded the plate to support also the fast wireless charging used in the S6 Edge+, Note 5 and S7/S7Edge.

I have been using this charger and wireless plate for a few weeks now and here is my review of it.


Disclosure: we were sent the Choetech 3 Coil Fast Wireless charger for the purpose of the review by Choetech and would like to express our thanks for doing so.

Inside the Choetech wireless charger

What you get in the box:

  • Choetech 3 coil Fast wireless charging plate
  • USB cable (usb-a to micro-usb)
  • Manual/instructions

Choetech 3 coil in box

Take note you will need a wall plug to be able to use the charger – most phones come with one but it is worth being aware.


This is a Choetech 3 coil charger which means that there are three coils inside the charging plate, as posed to the usual 1. What this actually means to the user is that the placement of the phone when you put it on the charger doesn’t play such a high role as you don’t have to put it on a specific spot. Every device that supports wireless charging has it’s own coil in different places and with these normal 1 coil chargers you might need to be a spot on on the placement if you want wireless charging to work.

Basic specs of the charger are:

  • Input: 5v 2A / 9V 1.7A
  • Output: 10W (Max)
  • Charging distance: 0-5mm
  • Weight: 110g

Using the Choetech 3 coil fast wireless charger

As said, you will need a extra wall plug to go with the charging plate. The best one, and our recommendation is the official Choetech one – but of course if you don’t need or want to use the Fast Wireless charging capabilities any normal wall charger will do.

The Choetech 3 coil plate has it’s own notification led which glows with different colours to inform the user about the state of the charger. So if for example the charger is charging a device the led glow – and when charging is completed or the plate is on standby it will be off. It comes in handy to know the phone has finished charging but can be a little bright if you keep this in your bedroom on your night stand or table but it is not the brightest one on the market!

One thing though, this will not work (atleast did not work for me) with Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 Edge wall charger (the Samsung adaptive fast charger one) for some reason. When I tried to use it the plate would just blink it’s notification led and wouldn’t charge but with a QC 2.0/3.0 wall charger it’s working fine.

I’ve been using the charger as my main charger for the past few weeks and I am really happy with it. All of a sudden I don’t need to find my cables if I want to have quick charge for my phone. The fast wireless charging is pretty much on par with the charging speed when you hooked to a cable + quick charge wall plug.

Choetech 3 coil front back

It took me a little over 1h 10minutes to go from 15% to 100% with the wireless charger. It is really handy and I would like to see this fast wireless charging to spread to more phones.


As I said, I am really happy with this charger and I can definately recommend this for anyone looking for a good and fast wireless charger for their Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. The charger is not the cheapest one but it is still cheaper than the official new Samsung one. So if you want to save a bit of money go with the Choetech – for the same price as the official Samsung charger you can get the wireless one and a QC2.0 certified wall plug.

If you want to buy one, the best place would be from Amazon, through this link

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