Chipolo Tracker Review

There are many Bluetooth trackers available to the average consumer, but the Chipolo Tracker seems to be the best of them all. After using the Chipolo unit for a week, I am able to share my review.

Chipolo Tracker compared to other trackers

I have the iFindYou and Lupo bluetooth trackers, both of which I picked up at Gadget Show earlier this year. Both trackers have nice looking companion apps, but do no run in the background. The other trackers also only allow you to try and find your lost item through the app, and do not have a website for you to use. Chipolo offer a 24/7 live chat support for you to use, the other trackers do not have this feature, which goes above and beyond the old email support that the other companies provide.

Chipolo Tracker

The Chipolo seems to look nicer compared to the Lupo and iFindYou. Chipolo comes in 9 different colours with a very minimalist look, that looks fantastic wherever you choose to put it.

Other bluetooth trackers are not quite as good in the app department. I have found that companion apps are often missing claimed features, and do not work as well as they should. To top this all off, the app will often not look very good and be dreadful to use. This creates an overall negative effect for using the bluetooth tracker. However, this is not the case with Chipolo.

Chipolo Tracker Features

The Chipolo offers more features than what you will find in other Bluetooth trackers. Not only does the Chipolo allow you to track your items via app and web; but if your Chipolo is within the 75m range of your phone, and you have misplaced your phone, shaking the unit will ring your phone whether it’s on silent or not.

Chipolo TrackerWhen you walk out of range of your Chipolo it sends an alert to your phone, or device and stores the last known location. This is especially good because as you get closer to the missing item, the Chipolo app will show you roughly how far away you are from it.

Using the Chipolo Tracker

It must be said that using the Chipolo Tracker has been a pleasure. The well designed companion app makes it very easy to ring the Chipolo on your lost device. The features of the Chipolo work seamlessly all the time, and despite dropping the unit a few times no damage has been done. The companion app is available for iOS and Android and is the same for both. No matter where I am I am told the last known location and roughly how far the Chipolo is from me. This is very useful.

When would I use the Chipolo Tracker?

This is a good question. The Chipolo tracker works very well wherever you put it. The Chipolo comes with a key ring making it perfect to attach to your keys. I personally attached the Chipolo units to my keys and tucked it in my wallet. These are important things that would be very bad to loose. Just today I almost left home to the cinema without my wallet. That would have been a disaster. Chipolo let me know that I had left the wallet behind, and I was able to run back and get it.

Chipolo can be used for many different things- to stop you loosing a device, or to stop you forgetting a device. However you use Chipolo, you will never loose anything again thanks to the quick connectivity back to your smartphone or tablet.

Overall Opinion

After using the Chipolo for a while I have come to love it. After arriving very quickly, me finding answers to questions in a matter of seconds, and me being able to track down my misplaced phone in the house; I must say that the Chipolo is a life-saver!

Chipolo Website

Chipolo Tracker


Build Quality











  • Lots of features
  • Looks good
  • Good companion app
  • Good service from Chipolo


  • Non-Rechargeable Battery

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