Cover Up Elm Wood and Slate Skins Review

I am somebody who always wants to keep their products protected whether that be my smartphone, tablet or laptop. Therefore I usually have a case on the devices so even if I drop them, the devices should not break. When I initially bought my 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display, I purchased a Speck Case which cost around £50 and it was quite a shoddy product with the case not even lasting a year and the corners breaking with relative ease. Let’s see how the Cover-Up solution delivers.


I was quite annoyed by this fact especially and then I gave up on a case for a while before ordering a more budget friendly one from amazon and whilst that lasted longer and is still functional, the edges of the case where I would rest my wrist were not smooth and resulted in my hand being imprinted and it being hard to use my MacBook for an extended period.

I was browsing through Facebook and I came across Cover-Up who seemed to make some stunning skins for laptops and I thought this would be the perfect solution as it would protect my laptop to some extent and hopefully wouldn’t obstruct my usage. I would like to thank Cover-Up for sending these skins out for us to test out however this has not impacted my review in any form.

The packaging showcases the skins with a large cut-out on the front with the Cover-Up logo and the variant of the skin you have gone with. The back of the packaging has the instructions of how to install the skin. Something I love about this is that each skin is distinct because each skin is individually cut. The skins have been laser cut to ensure a perfect fit on your MacBook.

The stone skin was a bit fiddly to install since I wanted to get the perfect fit but this did take a few times to get perfect and I am about 1mm off vertically but this isn’t noticeable unless you look closely and this was my first time installing a skin on any device so it’s not too shabby.

The stone skin was the one I decided to go with since I preferred the look of that one compared to the wooden one. The stone skin I was sent is called Marine and it has incredibly good adhesion to the MacBook with a generic adhesion being used on the Stone skin but I think they have moved on to using the 3M 300LSE adhesive since that one is the adhesive being used on the wooden set.

Till date I have never had the skin slide around or being unstuck from the back of the MacBook and I didn’t realise how long it had been as I have had the skin on my MacBook since April and its somewhat become a statement piece since many people don’t bother using a case or skin and it has always garnered attention.

The skin is about 2mm-3mm thick and this really doesn’t add much overall bulk or weight to the MacBook. This is nice since I always did feel like the cases added a lot of weight and bulkiness and made my slimmer Retina MacBook Pro feel like the older ones which kind of goes against the reason why I wanted this model over the older thicker model.

I have had this skin on my laptop consistently however I really haven’t had it in my bag a huge amount. I did find a few lose pieces chipped and since this is a natural stone, you will experience this and it isn’t really a quality control issue, it’s more a fact that stone does chip.

The textured feeling does mean that if you place your phone or any other device that could be scratched, faced down, it will probably scratch it. I found this out when I placed my phone which had a hard, clear plastic back and it scratched it a fair bit so I would be a bit cautious. On the other hand, you will be fine if you are running your hand over the skin as it has been smoothed out to have a smooth finish. The wood finish on the other hand has a much smoother surface but there were a few natural indents inside the wood.

The stone finish has a cut made to each of the corners which allows the skin to stick down with ease. The Carpathian Elm Burl wood finish on the other hand has 3 lines around the outside which is seen on all the wood finishes, it also has a natural curl in storage since the wood is natural curved. The wooden finished base skin also has cut-outs for the rubber feet and all screws which I personally find is a bit unnecessary since you won’t be removing the screws on a regular basis or even ever for most people.

The Elm wood bottom skin also has a strong smell of wood which will wear out over time but it’s something that you will be noticing initially for a good couple of months. The cut-outs also ensure the air vents and speaker grills at the bottom aren’t covered up especially since wood is likely to dissipate heat worse than the metal would.

I have grown to love the marine skin on my MacBook and whilst it provides protection to the top, maybe a clear plastic Apple logo protector would ensure the entire top is fully protected. The sides of the MacBook are also left unprotected so whilst this may not be seen as 360 degrees protective method but it does serve as a way of differentiating your MacBook when sitting in Starbucks sipping your Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.

Take a look at the Cover-Up website and I am sure you will fall in love with atleast one of their designs!:

Cover-Up MacBook Skin


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  1. I would  not buy a cover-up product again. After carefully selecting the color I wanted, I received a product that looked nothing like any of the pictures. It was down right ugly! I understand SOME variance in colors being a natural product but what I received is straight up misrepresentation. You can exchange… but you have to pay for shipping back to England. Not worth it. Basically I should have took my 70$ and thrown it out the window. Do NOT buy this crap.

    • As much as I understand your frustration here, as I too have had bad experiences with products where others have not, I think we might have to simply say you had a bad experience as a one off. That is, unless you have multiple reports of this from the supplier?

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