Clckr Stand & Grip Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max & iPhone 11

Popsockets were all the craze last year, they allowed a new level of creative flair on your phone with lots of unique designs and allowed you to have an elevated view of your phone if it was rested on a flat surface. Clckr has brought out an alternative to this in a range of standalone and integrated stands.

Clckr Stand & Grip Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Versatile
  • Multi-Functional
  • Durable
  • Volume buttons lack separation
  • Wireless charging isn't 100%

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I was sent the Stand & Grip Case for both the iPhone’s 12 Pro Max and 11, I, unfortunately, don’t have an iPhone 11 to hand so won’t be able to test the case for that in the same depth as the 12 Pro Max case. Clckr also provided 2 universal stand & grips which be featured in their own review separately.

Clckr’s 100% recycled packaging is simple but effective as it highlights the features of the case well. The stand & grip case allows you to hold the phone up in both portrait and landscape orientation, the loop design also allows you to feed your hand through for better grip. Clckr has also integrated antimicrobial protection, wireless charging compatibility and drop protection.

The Clckr stand and grip case allows you to both protect your phone and benefit from the functionality of a wider range of angles of use. The process of inserting your phone into the case is super easy which is due to the flexible rubberised sides, but once your phone is inserted into the case the reduced elasticity ensures your phone stays in securely if you drop it.

I was sent the Saffiano Navy Blue shade of the case which over the smoother finish on the standard navy blue, I much prefer. The Saffiano finish is a type of material which resembles textured leather and has a cross hatch finish which is achieved by treating the leather effect material. The padding present underneath the Saffiano makes the case feel more solid.

The strap on the back that allows the case to stand in both portrait and landscape orientations is also finished with the Saffiano material however the finish resembles a traditional leather look rather than the cross-hatch look.

In order to release the stand from its holder, you are able to lift up on a roughly 3cm wide lip and pull upwards with a little pressure and done. Then press the top notches into the side on either side and you are done. The stand mechanism is ready to use.

Given that the stand is only 1mm thick, its impressive that it is able to hold the 226g weight of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with fairly little wobble overall. As you go up the phone in portrait orientation, the stability worsens and it gets quite significant towards the top toppling about 2cm backwards but then restabilises.

In the portrait orientation, the angle at which your phone is placed is perfect for video calls so in a society with ever increasing number of digital meetings this is ideal. Scrolling through social media and the internet is also done with ease. I found that I was naturally cupping my right hand around the back of the stand which provides a lot more stability.

Whilst in landscape orientation the phone and case are more stable as there is more area of the case touching the surface. There is still the same 2cm of wobble when pressing towards the top right and top left of the case. The angle the phone is propped up at is perfect for watching video content whilst the phone is sat on a flat surface and I found whilst sitting at my desk, instead of using my desk stand, I used the integrated STAND.

I probably wouldn’t buy this case if your primary use is video calls and conferencing as the under chin angle a la Honor Magicbook is not the most flattering. The portrait orientation does a much better job of providing a more professional image. Whilst it works in a pinch, I would make sure you sit about 40-50cm away from your phone and look directly at the screen of the phone to ensure the best angle possible.

There is ample space around the mute switch which means even if your fingers fall on the larger side you shouldn’t have any issues. The buttons have a very good feel in hand but I feel like there could be a little more separation between the volume buttons as it can be a little hard recognising the different buttons if your phone is in your pocket.

The cut-outs at the bottom of the case for the microphone and speaker assembly have ample space around them and if they get dusty or dirty you can easily clean it. The lightning port also has plentiful space so even if you are using third party cables which have a larger connector then you should have no problem and won’t have to keep taking the case off to charge your phone.

The satin finish around the side of the case paired with a gentle curve around to the back of the case allows it to fit well in your hand and it definitely makes it easier to hold your phone especially if you have gone for a giant phone like me with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I did find the lack of any padding inside apart from a slim strip of neoprene behind the area of the stand a little concerning as there is padding underneath the Saffiano which doesn’t directly protect the phone. But I am sure if Clckr is claiming that they have drop tested this to 2.2M / 6.6 Feet then there is likely no need to add this to protect the phone from damage.

Moving onto the drop test claims, I am not brave enough to test out these claims on my personal phone so I would have to take them at face value. From the testing I did find on softer surfaces such as carpet and a mattress, the case feared well with no visible damage or scratches.

The antimicrobial protection is also difficult to test but given the current climate any extra resistance to germs and virus’ is beneficial so I appreciate the inclusion of this. I also tested wireless charging and even though the case does add some bulk to the back of the phone I was able to get 2 out of 3 wireless charging pads working with the case so if you are using a charging pad with a slightly weaker coil then you may not be able to wirelessly charge.

As I mentioned earlier, I was provided a case for the iPhone 11 too. The main differences between the 2 models are that there is no covering on the inside of the case to hide the backing of the stand element. The rear of the case is made of a hard plastic whereas the sides are made from a rubberised element.

Clckr has also colour matched the inserts for the stand so this case has clear inserts whereas the Saffiano blue case for the 12 Pro Max has blue inserts. The cut-outs of the case also seem spacious so the microphone, speaker and lightning port have enough space. The iPhone 11 case does have the same drop test credentials.

Due to the smaller size of the loop, I was only able to fit 3 fingers into the loop and my fingers did feel a little congested compared to the more spacious loop present on the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s stand and grip case. The universal stand and grip loops are also of the smaller size found on the iPhone 11’s case and I wish we had the option to pick sizes and from the packaging of one of the universal ones, I believe Clckr has previously offered this as an option so hope they will bring it back soon.

Overall I have been very impressed with the performance of the Clckr Stand & Grip Case for both the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 11 and it’s something I can recommend highly as it will be the case that will be staying on my phone for now.

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