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This is a first for me really. I’ve had a lot of tech-related wallets; I’m a big of a wallet collector if you ask my Wife. However this is the first time I’ve reviewed one, and I specifically wanted to as this product provides an answer to a very relevant question without being big and bulky. Let’s take a look at the Benuo Wallet.


So, why should you need this? With the advent of contactless payments, cards with contactless technology have become mainstream. Those out there that might look to circumvent the law, can use a device (smartphone, or other specialised device) to “scan” your contactless cards to obtain the card number and other information. Furthermore, there are those out there that are using equipment that take payments from your contactless cards without your knowledge.

There are literally thousands of wallets out there that you can buy to safeguard your contactless cards from being scraped by a reader. Hell, there are even applications on the iOS and Android app stores that read the cards via NFC. There are legit reasons for it, but we all know that for every 10 legitimate uses there’s bound to be some scallywag sitting on the subway scanning your jeans pocket!

The Benuo Wallet is just one of many RFID protected wallets. Placing your cards in this makes them impervious to card scraping, and in my testing it’s been flawless. I used a popular application (I’m not going to name it am I!) to test this against two other non-RFID protected wallets I had and not once did I get a reading from any of my 3 contactless cards whilst they were safely nestled in the Benuo.

Aesthetically it’s a wallet. There’s not much more to say. It holds your cards, your notes and anything else you might want it to. IT has 3 main portions; the middle where your cards should sit in my opinion, for the best protection, as well as a front slit which I used for money, and a rear slit which can be used for non-contactless cards perhaps, although I use it for receipts. It differs from other RFID protected wallets as a) it’s not plastic or metal, and b) it’s pocketable and comfortable and looks like, well, a wallet; a normal wallet! That’s what we want eh?


There are a few points I’d question. For example, I like to be 100% sure that my cards aren’t going to drop our in my pocket or, heaven forbid, on the road as I travel, so normally like a wallet to have a strap over the top of any opening. This doesn’t have that and whilst I haven’t suffered any “slippage” as yet, I remain cautious. Furthermore, after stuffing 4 to 5 cards in the side slit, the leather has stretched meaning I either have to add cards to make it a taut fit again, or put those cards elsewhere. It seems this leather isn’t the best.

The mechanism by which the central slit is accessed is also a little weird. It reminds me of a battery ribbon that you used to put under any batteries so you could easily pop them out. Essentially it’s the same but it helps pull your cards out instead. It does the job but it’s far from refined.


That being said, I’ve been using this wallet most of 2017 so far and I’ve had no reason to switch it out as yet. It happily manages to hold my 9 cards in the middle slit with a few more on either side and some receipts from my garage stops.

The best part by far of this wallet is the price. The Beuno is a paltry £10.99 from Amazon UK which makes it excellent value for money! If you’re nor enamoured by the design; head on over to the Amazon side anyway as they have another few designs all for the same price!

Recommended; that’s my conclusion here. £10.99 doesn’t buy you a lot but if that’s the cost of protecting your cards from some shyster looking to capitalise on the technology in your Debit card, whilst maintaining a ‘normal’ wallet look and feel, then it’s an easy sell to me!

Benuo Wallet


Fit & Finish











  • Protects Contactless cards
  • Slim and Compact
  • Decent Leather
  • Cheap


  • Removal function is ropey
  • Does stretch

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