Auraglow Motion Toilet Light Review

Something a little different here. I’m an avid PC guy right. Everyone in the PC world in their Mothers’ are tricking their gear out with more and more RGB lighting strips. I’ve succumbed also, with a few bits of RGB in my case, as well as a few strips behind my monitors. However, if you really want to up your game, trick out your toilet with some motion activate lighting huh? That’s right – get on my level. This is a quick look at the Auraglow Motion Activated Toilet Night Light.

“Disco Dunny” was a personal favourite…

It’s a rather unfortunate phallic picture to start with isn’t it? Perhaps that’s just my mind-set at the moment having lived with this little fun device for a short time. Don’t take my word for it either, check out some of the reviews for this device on MobileFun. It’s just a bit of a laugh, but it certainly can be handy in the depths of the night.

So let’s just see what this actually does then shall we? Basically it does exactly what it says on the tin. It hangs over your toilets rim and is triggered by movement in low light close to it, and the LED illuminates, which by this point it hooked over the toilet bowl, pointing to the depths below. Once triggered you’re left with around 60 seconds of light in your toilet bowl.

The LED can be configured to one of 7 different colours, so hardly RGB, but close enough in my book.

The Auraglow Motion Activated Toilet Night Light (a tongue twister of a name right?) boasts the following feature set from its product page. I’m giving them an extra point here for the pun:

  • auraglowMotion-activated LED night light for your toilets
  • Passive infrared sensor constantly and efficiently detects movement
  • Perfect for toilet and potty training children
  • Aim to please – keep your bathroom clean
  • Flush with options
  • 30,000 hours from one set of batteries
  • Compact, lightweight design with an unobtrusive build
  • Dimensions 186 x 110 x 44mm
  • Weight 59g

Okay, so not the most action packed little gadget, but it delivers on what it sets out to, and it’s energy-efficient to boot.

It obviously depends on the sort of toilet you have, and how you walk into it to access it, but for us it never failed to trigger and it was kind of cool to wee into a shiny yellow light making the stream invisible. Let’s put that down to the kid in me shall we? On a serious note though, Auraglow specifically call out training little ones on how to use the toilet as a feature of the unit and gamifaction of toilet time might be a good use case.

In its full glory……

Yeah – this was a new one on me too. But seriously, up your lighting game! It did what it was intended to and cause a bit of a chuckle in the household. It’s not going to actively stop people urinating all over the place, but it might help turn toilet training for the kids into a bit of a game. I personally chuckled a little when squatting and the light came on and I’m 37! Just remember to grab the 3 AAA batteries it requires as it sadly didn’t come included with these.

Have fun, and remember; don’t cross the streams!

Auraglow Motion Light


Build Quality




Battery Life





  • Cheap as chips
  • Actually has a serious use case
  • Good battery life


  • Not pretty looking
  • I dislike peeing on my tech as a rule

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