Aukey SK-M28 Portable Speaker: Cheap, Somewhat Cheerful

Another little Aukey product and little is the operative adjective. At less than 3″ wide, the Aukey SK-M28 wireless speaker is absolutely tiny making it as portable as its full name suggests. Let’s see whether it can belie its slight stature and deliver in the audio department.

Aukey SK-M28

I’ll say it again – this unit is tiny! As much as I love tiny things, speakers is perhaps the only area where I prefer a little bigger as the range and breadth of audio from such a small device can’t surely compete with something twice its size can it?

Well…….no, no it can’t but that’s not to say it’s not decent for the size of the drivers inside.

The design is nothing special. Grey plastic with a plastic grille for the speaker cover is all you’re getting here, with two buttons on the front to control the audio volume and the track selection via long presses. Around the back is a microUSB port for charging, and an on/off toggle. Very, very sparse and I’m not a fan of the cheap looking materials used here. I say cheap looking, but they are just flat-out cheap. What do you expect for less than £15?

The audio is quite flat, but can get quite loud. As soon as you crank it up higher than 60% however you’re likely to get some noise and distortion, so just don’t. Another no go is any sort of low-end. There is bass, but it has no rumble and no carry at all. It’s all high-end here. Again though for the size it’s not half bad. I’ve used it for audio books more than anything else to be fair as I can’t enjoy the tracks as they were meant to be on a unit this size.

Whilst I can see where this might be useful as a stocking filler for some, it really doesn’t do much well other than playing audio for a significant amount of time. The built-in 500mAh battery is good for just over 4 hours of continuous playback which for the size of the battery is absolutely magnificent. Sadly the audio just isn’t up to par with similar sized and priced units.

Look elsewhere if you want something with good battery life and good audio. It’s just a passable experience here which is a shame as it’s less than a few cups of Coffee!

Aukey SK-M28 Wireless Speaker




Build Quality


Battery Life







  • Cheap as chips, cheap ones!
  • Okay audio for the size


  • Lifeless aesthetic
  • No low end
  • Sketchy audio at higher than 60% volume
  • Quality issues

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