Aukey Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker Review: Beauty in both the design and sound

This is the 2nd timer I ever tested a speaker made by Aukey, and I need to say that I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality up to now. The two Aukey speakers – the Aukey SK-S1 and Aukey SK-M30 (Eclipse) respectively – standing next to each other shows that there are simply no similarities to the speakers. So, without further ado, let’s find out how it performs!

Disclaimer: Although Aukey did provide me (Jeffrey) with the speaker, they had no influence on the editorial outcome of the review. The speaker has been tested for a full week connected to my OnePlus 3T via Bluetooth (Version 4.2).


  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
  • Audio Output: 2x 20W
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Power Input: DC 5V
  • Operating Range (factory testing): 10M/33ft.


Just like the other Aukey speaker I tested in the past few weeks, it’s pretty heavy for a speaker of its size, coming in at 800g/28.2oz. This isn’t really a bad thing, especially because this speaker isn’t really meant to be taken everywhere. This higher-than-normal weight is mostly caused by the heavy materials Aukey used inside the speakers, like the metal plates that cover the speaker, which you can’t really see as they’re under the cloth material.


Speaking of the cloth material, or cloth-like material…, it kept up perfectly fine during my review period. I do see some dust particles sticking in which are quite hard to remove, but that’s something to be expected with this kind of material. The material feels really high-quality, so I don’t see it showing any user damage anytime soon. I will update this review if that’s the case in the following months.

The base of the speaker is made of a soft-touch plastic giving the speaker a very high-quality feeling. I haven’t been able to damage it myself besides a few small scratches; as it’s plastic, dust particles or just keys can easily damage it. Fortunately, you almost can’t see the scratches as the material isn’t glossy but more of a matte kind of finish. Underneath the base you can find a rubber feet to make sure vibrations of the speaker are kept at a minimum.


When I saw the speaker on Amazon for the first time I was completely stoked, it looked amazing, and now having it standing next to me while writing this review does line up with my feelings at that time. Starting off with the cloth material used by Aukey, it’s not the first time I’ve touched a speaker with a cloth material on it, but this black woven cloth looks gorgeous. It’s not your average speaker, especially when looking around in this price class.

On top of the speaker you’ll find the 5 nice and tactile buttons to control the volume, and being black they nicely fall in line with the cloth material. Nothing obtrusive here.

Going to the sides of the speaker is where you’ll find the passive bass radiators, with a black strip of soft-touch plastic surrounding the bass radiator. The bass radiator itself is covered by a plate that is of a greyish color with a nice-looking pattern on it.

The base of the speaker is of a totally different tone of grey used on other places of the speaker, whilst it certainly doesn’t look bad, being consistent with the colors would be appreciated. In the middle of the speaker on the front you’ll find the Aukey logo, and that pretty much wraps up the design for this speaker.


Like I just mentioned, the top of the speaker is the place where you can find the buttons with which you control the speaker. From left to right you can find the power, pair, play/pause, volume up/down + back/forward buttons. As expected, everything is working like expected, though I’m sometimes in a war with the volume up and down button. This is caused because of the volume up and down buttons also working as backward/forward buttons, with a short press performing the latter and a long press on one of the buttons doing the former.


Next up is the operating range of the speaker, and Aukey mentions that this speaker under factory testing can reach up to 10M/33ft. Do keep in mind that this usually incorporates the best situation possible, without any walls or other obstacles in the way. The max operating range in which I found the speaker to be useable was 8M/26.4ft. Usually my phone is within a meter of the speaker, and I’ve a hard time finding why you’d ever go that far away from your speaker.


The most important questions are left unanswered, so let’s dive in to find out everything about its battery life and sound quality. Working the battery life of my list first, and all I can say is that it’s phenomenal. Aukey mentions 12+ hour playback time for this speaker, though without mentioning at which volume level they tested it. In my own tests, in which I really don’t need to set it any higher than at 50% volume, I reached 18.5 hours of listening time before the speaker decided to quit. This is truly spectacular, and Aukey bundling in such a huge battery certainly did the job.

At last I need to – or better said, I want to – discuss the sound quality of the Aukey Eclipse Bluetooth speaker. It truly blows me away, with amazing bass at all times, and nowhere near being bass-heavy. The vocals are really nice and clear, while giving more than enough room for the instruments to shine through. Speaking of the instruments, they sound just fine. Overall, for a speaker which will cost you about 40 quid, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear what this speaker pumps out of the two 20W speakers and 2 passive bass radiators.


Getting to the end of the testing period with this speaker brings a smile on my face, it might not be something truly exciting, but it’s good to see companies in this price class trying something new. Sometimes it may be better to use the proven method, but Aukey got as far as to making something new with a great outcome.

The build quality is great, the design will attract most people although it’s quite big; the battery life is simply amazing and the sound quality is certainly more than what I expected to get in this price range. In the end, it’s hard to go wrong with this speaker that’ll only cost you 40 quid.

Aukey Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker


Build quality









  • Looks great
  • Sound is amazing for the price
  • Feels really sturdy


  • It's enourmous

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