Aukey Desktop Charger Review: This is tech that makes me happy

Today we’ve got something different from all the other products I’m testing, the Aukey PA-T11 Desktop Charger. And well, it only costs £21.99. I’m 100% sure you can’t find 5 wall chargers for the same amount of money with the same quality. Is the Aukey Desktop Charger as good as you may or would expect it to be? Let’s find out exactly that in my full review.

Aukey sent this product out to me for review, which may make you wonder if I’m being paid for it as well… And no, I’m not being paid for this, or any review. If I’m getting money offered for reviews I’m not doing them… Everything in this review are my own opinions and views on certain things.


4 Aukey Ai charging ports (Green)
2 Quick Charge 3.0 charging ports (Orange)
Input: AC 100-240V
Output AiPower: 5V/2.4A
Output QC3.0: 3.6-6.5V/3A 6.5V-9V/2A 9V-12V/1.5A


I haven’t owned a desktop charger myself before, though my brother does have one from Anker. If you haven’t seen or used a desktop charger in the past it may be hard to check and give your opinion about the product, therefore I’ve compared the Aukey desktop charger to the Anker one.

And well, to be honest the build quality of the Aukey is just as well as the build quality of the Anker desktop charger. Everything feels solid, the plastic fortunately isn’t of the shiny and sticky type, instead it’s a more matte type plastic which feels pretty good in the hand. Furthermore, I haven’t heard any weird noises while pushing in a USB cable, every bit of plastic on the desktop charger is neatly aligned to each other and it doesn’t feel like the plastic would scratch easily which is something I was worried about in the beginning.


The desktop charger is fully made of black “matte” plastic. Which both feels and looks great, just put it down on your desk and it’s just a part of your desk setup. No need to hide it really, personally I’ve had it lying flat on my desk, and it looks great. Some more colour, like a white logo would be nice though. It would give the desktop charger something different compared to just an all-black design.

Looking on the other parts of the design, the USB ports. They give the otherwise black and mostly functional design a bit more ‘spice’. Nothing too much, but the colors give it just that bit that makes it look better than when it would’ve been just all black. Then again, this is something personal of course, and you will either love or hate it.


I’ve been using the desktop charger for the past 3 weeks, and it has charged a lot of devices. Mostly just some speakers and power banks though which then again powered my other devices which need power. As this device has 6 ports, using them all at once is almost impossible for me. Yeah, I could charge up all my power banks which would fill up all the ports. But it’s just that I’m never using that much power that I’ll need all of them. Though it’s nice to see a big amount of ports for those that just need to charge a lot of devices at once.

Unfortunately I’m not yet able to test the output of the ports, which makes it really hard to write this part of the review. Then again, do you really need all the technical details with such a product? Some may say yes, and I’m sorry for you fugues.

Every time I used the AiPower ports on the desktop charger it felt just as fast as my wall charger from OnePlus which is limited at 2.1A. While I’m not able to bring you all the technical details, what I can tell you is that it’s plenty fast for most use cases.


At last we’ve got the Quick Charge 3.0 ports, and as I haven’t got any QC3.0 enabled devices I’m not able to test them. But it’s really useful for those owning QC3.0 enabled devices, and as always it’s also backwards compatible with QC2.0/1.0.

Something I need to mention in the review is the heat, and no, it doesn’t heat excessively. It does heat up a bit while charging, and even a bit more if you’re using 4 out of 6 ports on the desktop charger. But to be honest, this is to be expected, and most of my wall chargers get hotter than this charger.


After what’s probably my shortest review ever I’m able to say that I really enjoyed using the desktop charger. And it’ll stay on my desk to just charge everything I need to charge during the day, besides that it just looks great.


The Aukey Desktop Charger costs only £21.99 on Amazon UK. Which is a price for which you shouldn’t look away from it if you’re on the lookout for some charging ports. I think you’ll have a hard time finding something better for the same price. So there’s that, a product that can make your charging life so much easier…

Aukey Desktop Charger - PA-T11


Build quality










  • It's a bit... too black?!

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