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So  when Craig asked who wanted to review the Savfy Neckband, I didn’t jump at them at first. However, I had a change of heart and thought why not. Here’s my full review of the Savfy Neckband.

First off I would like to thank Savfy for sending us out a sample to review. As usual they have NO input into the review. One thing I will point out though is I am far from an audiophile, but I’ll do my best in making sure I convey my thoughts on this device.


So as far as unboxing goes it’s a pretty simple affair. You get:

  • The earbuds
  • Replacement ear tips
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Warranty card
  • Instruction manual

Reviewers Tip: Have a close look at the manual – these earbuds have a fair amount of tricks to them.

Product Tour

On the top of device right you’ll find the on/off switch, followed by the the volume buttons (which also allow you skip and rewind) and the earbud retract button. On the top left all you have is the earbud retract button for the left earbud. On the side of the right hand side you have the multi functional button as well as the LED indicator. On the left side you have Savfy logo, on the bottom right side you’ll find the micro USB port and finally on the left there is nothing at all.

Technical Info

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Supports HSP< HFP< A2DP, AVRCP
  • Transmitting Power: Class 2
  • Working distance: <10m
  • Frequency range – 2.4026Ghz – 2.480GHz
  • Charge time: <3.5 hours
  • Talk time: >18 hours
  • Music time:> 16 hours
  • Standby time: >300 hours
  • Weight 67g

Battery wise, based on my existing use to date, I’d estimate at a respectable 15 hours of use. As for talk time – who even measures that anymore!


Like I said earlier I’m not an audiophile so if it sounds a little rough round the edges bare with me. I have a set of the EC Technology Bluetooth Earphones (click here for Craig’s review) and I will probably refer back to these by way of comparison. I don’t listen to any particular genre of music so it would be fair to say I’ve had a good old listen to a lot of different types of audio. Besides music I’ve also used them for podcasts too. So I’ll start with podcasts, which are mainly vocal, honestly they are amazing. I mean it is only speech so even the cheapest of earphones can cope fine here, but still they sound great to me.

I didn’t find them to be too bass heavy but if you want it and you like listening to a bit bass they are certainly capable of delivering it. Let’s say acoustic music is your bag – well it too sounds great. They just sound the way you expect the audio to sound on Bluetooth earbuds. Irish folk music also gets a nice big tick here. You are getting plenty of punch and clarity of the different instruments at all levels.

I could dive into every category if I wanted too but when it comes to audio I am pretty much an average user and if you were to ask me for my average user opinion I would honestly say that it absolutely fine in every category of music that I have thrown at them. Bare in mind that I was streaming through Spotify and PocketCasts, there is clearly no high quality audio involved. Before I would use a set of Sony MDR-EX15LP. Infact I have owned multiple pairs of these earphones and when they break I always just buy another pair. Especially since they are only £6.89. But the Savfy sound just a good.       

Comfort & Use

An important thing to take into consideration when it comes to earphones or headphones is the fit – they need to be comfortable don’t they? When I first used them they had the medium sized tip on and whilst they provided a good seal they weren’t really all that comfortable. I switched them out to the smaller tips and they are now great. They make a good seal and they are comfortable – result.

I have been using these whilst at college in smaller classes of about 20 people and I sit there 99% of the time with earbuds in to block out the sound of everyone talking and then I am able to concentrate better. Whilst some others do the same, they use the earbuds that come in their phones box and they are pretty bad at isolation resulting in others being able to hear what they are listening to. This, if you are a commuter you’ll know, is not only annoying but can be distracting. I’m pleased to say that this is not an issue with the Savfy Neckband. I sat next to many different people and had the volume at what I would consider normal listening volume and no one has complained about poor isolation.

The last thing I will talk about is the neckband itself. Where it sits around your neck is made of a soft plastic and it doesn’t irritate your neck like other bands do, it just sits there. It also means that the back of your neck doesn’t sweat when using them for extended amount of times. Which is always nice. Again, comfort is important people!


The Savfy Neckband units are in my opinion a very nice set of buds. The fact that it has a neckband means that if you only want to have one earbud in you can, without the other bud dangling and pulling the remaining one out of your ear. The sound quality is fine and whilst audiophiles might pull it up on many specific points, to my ears there were no glaring flaws. Like I said earlier they sound just as great as my wired buds. Add in the fact that the battery lasts for a fair old while as well, and you’ve got a decent all round package.

So what don’t I like? Not a lot really. Aside from the fact that the plastic collects the oils from your finger and is a bit annoying, there isn’t much more to dislike. True, they fold up so it would have been nice to have a carry case of some sort, but again, this is nitpicking. They are a great pair of earbuds. In fact since having these I’ve only used my wired buds once, and only due to the battery dying. So yes I do like them, I like them a lot to the point where these are now my go to buds for use with my phone. I do still carry the wired buds with me just in case.  

Thee are also just £22 in all but name, so they are an absolulte bargain already!

Thinking of checking these out? Go ahead and be sure to use the pecial 20% discount code that Savfy have provided MobileTechTalk readers. Use that at checkout and get buying!

Savfy Neckband – 20% Discount Code – OBRVBHTV

Savfy Neckband


Build Quality






Audio Quality





  • Very nicely made
  • Great isolation
  • Very comfortable


  • Would be nice if it came with a case
  • Could sound a little better

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