Review: Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, there are hundreds upon thousands of options, all at different costs. We have reviewed a fair old amount of them in the hunt for the best speakers we can find. So is it time for Anker to shine?

Thanks to Anker who provided me with the speaker for the review. Although they provided it for the review, this doesn’t have any influence on the editorial outcome of this review.


When it comes to an unboxing, like most things, it is pretty simple. Sliding off the sleeve and pop into the box open you are greeted with the paperwork. Pull out the paperwork and you’ll find the speaker in a plastic sleeve. Pull out the tray and you’ll find the included Micro USB cable.

Tour Of Device

Round the front of the unit you’ll find an LED, pause/play button surrounded by the volume up and volume down buttons. Below these you’ll find the microphone. As usual there isn’t anything on the left side on the unit. The power switch, Micro USB input and Aux in are on the right hand side with the speaker facing upwards. On the base of the device you’ll find some rubber feet to keep things sturdy and to stop the unit sliding around on various surfaces.


As I mentioned in my Savfy Neckbuds review (found here) I am NOT an audiophile, just an ordinary bloke giving his opinion. After connecting my OnePlus 3 to the speaker, the first thing I did notice was that the audio sounded tinny and metallic. However, after a few minutes it was no longer noticeable. If you want bass, then this isn’t the speaker for you. Trust me I have tried hitting it with bass with no luck whatsoever. However crank it all up and whilst you can hear it trying it doesn’t distort. If anything it gives a very small amount of bass at higher volumes, but that is it. Highs and mids sound pretty good in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a high-grade HIFI audio device though.


So is the speaker worth its price? In short yes. Sure if you want a good priced speaker then this is more than capable. If you want bass in addition to decent mids and highs, then look elsewhere; this is not for you. But if you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker that’s gets loud and does not distort then this is for you. Add in the longer battery life and you’re looking at a decent package. In the future this particular unit will be sitting on my desk with a aux cord plugged into it for when I want to play my PC through it as well as being unplugged for when I want the Bluetooth functionality. The fact I will continue using this unit speaks to the fact that it does the job for me. The price point doesn’t hurt it either at just £26.99, it’s not a bad little unit! If you’ve bought this speaker then let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Review: Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker


Build quality




Audio Quality







  • Compact
  • Comes with all the accesories you'll need
  • Very nice price


  • Audio quality could be better
  • The matte paint collects everything

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