EC Tech Cylindrical Bluetooth Speaker – Unboxing & First Look

We take a look at a new product speaker from EC Technology, their Cylindrical Bluetooth Speaker which features a 5W speaker, Aux, USB and SD Card inputs and a metallic finish.

We’ve featured EC Technology products on MTT for quite some time due to their astonishing value, but today the Cylindrical Bluetooth Speaker we’re unboxing really does have some fit and finish to go along with it’s paltry price point.

Cylindrical Bluetooth Speaker

For just £15.99 you’re getting a hefty 260g speaker, with a 5W driver, USB, AUX and microSD card input slows, complete with rubber pads on the bottom for stability, all finished off with a lovely metallic surround which belies it’s cost. Head on over to Amazon to pick one of these up for just £15.99.

Take a look at our unboxing and first look at the EC Technology Cylindrical Bluetooth Speaker

Thanks again to EC Technology for sending us this product for review. For more EC Technology products, head over to IEC Technology. Stay tuned for our full review and drop us a like if you enjoyed the video.

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