Crabot C5 Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Crabot C5 Over Ear Bluetooth headphones are a versatile and low-budget set of wireless headphones. There stylish look and feel make the C5’s a great everyday set for multiple audio applications. They host features such as 4.1 Bluetooth, dual 40mm drivers and impressive sound isolation the C5’s may be cheap but have all the tools to give the user a joyful listening experience.

Crabot C5 Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones
  • Great Bass
  • Sound Isolation
  • Optional Wired connection
  • Folding design
  • Muddy Audio
  • Short Range
  • Lack of case

Buy on Amazon UK – £27.99

Design and Function

The Crabot C5’s aren’t anything special in the design department. They have a generic look with a plain black finish all round with silver accents to try give the headphones a metallic look. Given the price and cheap feel they are a very solid piece of kit and do feel well built enough to handle the wars of everyday life. There foam over ear cups are comfy and have a nice feel but can get irritating after long periods of time. The folding design makes the headphones perfect for traveling and storage although I was a little disappointed a case was not thrown in to protect them in transit from scratches etc. I can’t really say as much for the plastic buttons that do tend to wobble about and have a cheap plastic feel.

One of my favorite features with the C5’s is the ability to use the 3.5mm Aux cable that comes included to listen with a wired connection so even if you run out of battery you won’t be stuck without audio. Also a feature that may be overlooked is the handy L and R symbols printed on the ear cups that make putting the headphones on easier in darker conditions rather than searching among the plastic for a small R/L symbol molded into the plastic as with many other headsets.


Audio is the most crucial part of any headset really is where the C5’s shine. With dual 40mm drivers they handle the Highs, Mids and Lows with ease. The bass on these things is unreal for the price and really packs a punch for lovers of all genres of music. The over-ear design and padded foam cups isolate sound creating a harmonious listening experience. I have found this particularly useful in public places giving you some space to breath in your own musical zen. One point to keep in mind is that while you may be able to drown out the noise of life the Crabot C5 Headphones do tend to leak audio out even at medium volumes giving you a little less privacy with your personal tastes in music. Unfortunately, the Crabot C5’s do have a slightly muddy sound at higher volumes which can be a pain for a more peaceful jazz music lover etc.


The 4.1 Bluetooth on the C5’s was very easy and simple to pair with a quick hold of the power button. I have personally had no trouble with sound disruption close range, long-range however is a different story. I have found that after around 5m distance the audio was unsustainable and the signal was constantly disrupted. Moving forward the battery life is stated to be 24 hours playtime on Amazon, I have found they live up to about half of this. The Crabot C5’s, however, do have an excellent battery life with 10 hours being plenty for long journeys or a full week or two of occasional listening plus they can always be plugged in if you do forget to charge them. The charge time is a reasonable 2-3 hours to full charge, by no means fast charging but you can’t really grumble for the price.


The Crabot C5 Bluetooth headphones have some handy features that can give higher-end sets a run for their money. At the time of this review they are priced at £27.99 on Amazon and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The style may be a little cheap for some users but the C5’s really do make up for this with impressive functionality and solid build quality.

I would like to thank Crabot for sending me this set of headphones for the purpose of review.

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