Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones Review

First impressions

Having these come over from an associate I already have his first impressions in mind. Given I have a little bit more of an audio background so he thought I’d be the man to fully access these on their abilities. So I know he rather thought well of them. The one thing I noted as a stand out for me was that while they are primarily a Bluetooth pair of headphones they also have a removable cable so if you forget to charge them, you can just plug them in like you would anything else. Such a simple thing but something all Bluetooth headphones ought to have if you ask me. The other thing that ought to be standard is that they change with plain old micro USB. The same micro USB that your phone uses and that you have at least 10 of the cables saying about the house.

So in the hand they feel quite nice, somewhat light but that’s fine, the pleather is quite nice to the touch, especially on the headband. The cups though are circular, I can see that meaning they will impinge on my ears a bit so many hours of use may get wearing. Still for the price, they are plastic, sure but seem pretty decent.

On the head and erm. Yeah, Houston we have a problem. They do not fit me, at all the right way round, they do not go flattish on my ears, not even close. Swapping them round is a vast improvement, they mostly then go on my ears. The cups though, gosh they are quite firm and clamping aren’t they. Oh there is going to be a pretty marked time limit I think for listening sessions with these. Maybe they will soften up when they warm up or with a bit of use?


Predominantly a 1st gen Moto G 4G.


Right off the bat there is a very marked emphasis on the lower end. They are highly thick, warm and boated. Eek, yeah these are certainly aimed at a “mainstream” audience. Lots of heaviness, gosh loads of thick as molasses bass. I don’t like to say that a style choice is per say bad but for me its oppressively thick. I know that its target market however is likely to be far more amenable to such a styling choice. Given their price point that they have managed to incorporate Bluetooth, tiny amps and they have so wisely put in a cable option, sound quality was always going to compromised ta make that price point. If you like big and think, weighty, slow bass then you may love these. The depth is so so, a bit more midbassy but their inherent thickness and weight make the bass all a bit samey. The sort of thing that suits hip hop type music.

In raw quantity terms it’s rather elevated. Not quite so much as some things, particularly things pitched at the “mainstream” audience. Given their thickness and tendency towards suffocation it’s just as well they aren’t super abundant.


Passable. If you stick to very vocal heavy stuff they aren’t too bad. That bass with its mid bass bloom likes to get up in there any chance it can so be warned. Things with abundant midbass will start to interfere with the vocals and make them even slower and thicker than they already are. As you have probably guessed that means vocal ranges are rather slanted towards the lower end of the range, more male than female. Lady vocals however when very prominent can put a little bit of space between them and the bass so that’s what I tended to steer toward with the T2S’s. Lady vocals inject a hint of lightness and an attempt to add some air. They never really actually sound airy though, they are in general still much too thick and weighty. If your all about vocal delicacy and nuance these aren’t for you. They are suited squarely at the poppy mainstream, vaguely passable vocalists like the short blonde girl that thinks shes fat while justifying said fatness because boys like girls way. Clearly she’s got some self-esteem issues, not to mention a terrible mother.


Well thankfully they have tried to go for an overall rich flavour so the treble is pretty sedate. Thank god as there is nothing so ear ravaging as overly abundant brittle treble. At this price point all treble is pretty much going to suck and lack refinement, it’s all about how you minimise that while still retaining a semblance of detail retrieval. These have gone for a very warm, thick, heavy flavour. Thusly the treble is very tame, very laid back and largely overshadowed. So if you have high end hearing loss you’ll probably find these very treble lacking but it’s the right call to make. Not least because I doubt anyone using there is going to be yet old enough for treble hearing loss to have taken place yet.

Detail wise, its err, more of a casual notion of what’s going on than explicit detail. If you want detail this isn’t your go to headphone.


There is a large degree of abundance but the thickness overrides any real sense of space or image placement. It’s just a big pillowy wall of sound with little in the way of distance.


I don’t know why but these did not at all fit me the right way round. Swapping them however they did and once done there were fairly easy at seating them on my ears.


Yeah, not so much. They are on ears, not flat on ears so they put pressure round the outer edges of my ear. While it was fine for use id hit about an hour before I really wanted them off to give my ears a break. Everyone’s ears are different but I’m not sure I’d love it if I had to spend 5 hour train journey with them on my head.


So you get a cable, though of course you buy these because you don’t wat to use the cable. Bluetooth is what these are intended to be used as but…… it’s very nice to see the manufacturer realising that there is nothing more frustrating than the battery dying when you’re out. So if you do have these run out (despite their rated 40 hour battery life) then you can plug in the cable. Boom, just like that you’re good to go again. I approve.


I am going to assume related to my fit issue, they clearly were not sealing. Thus they offered practically no isolation no matter how I played about with the fit. They just did not want to form a seal on my ears. Again though this is dependent on your ears.

Build Quality

Actually pretty good. For the money you’d expect them to be a bit plasticity, which they are but it’s all nice to the touch, feels solid. The Pleather on the headband felt not bad. Really cannot complain at all for the money.


I am not a lover of white but fear not, they come in black too, additionally a less typical blue and a red. Not sure about the red but those blue ones look rather nice in pics don’t they? Well I like blue. Up close they aren’t stunning to look at but they look fine.

Phone Use

They all seemed to work fine. I’m not sure the mic on them is the greatest in the world and I was told I wasn’t super clear but it was sufficient. Though really you aren’t buying these for use as headset, they are aimed at music use with the occasional call.

Bluetooth / Cabled

So was there much difference? Na not really. A slight improvement if you throw a ton of power at it but that’s not what these are for. They are only ever going to be powered from a phone, be it via Bluetooth or via a cable.


In the box you get a micro USB charging cable and a 3.5 to 3.5mm audio cable for hooking them up to a normal audio output. That seems pretty good really, maybe a little baggy for carrying but really, you’re going to be wearing them not carrying them.


As products go these are not exquisite masterpieces. They are obviously built to a price point and it’s a very low price point. For the sheer convenience factor of doing away with a cable can be a tremendous boon. For those who want to use these while out or doing some other activity where you want your hands free they are just the thing. For what you pay you get a pretty nice thing that will do the job admirably.


I would be lying if I said I loved these, or really even if I said I liked them. I don’t. However that’s not in itself a bad thig. These are not aimed at me. I am super fussy about audio quality so will not only happily use a cable I’d also happily spend vastly more on pair of headphones. These are aimed first and foremost at a low price point and to offer wireless. That they are Bluetooth right away eats a chunk of production cost as you must add the Bluetooth receiver, digital to analogue converter, amplifier and of course include a battery to power it all!!!

So for those who are looking at a product in this sort of price range I’d wager that are likely to be quite happy with the acoustic abilities these possess and they are more likely to be simply ecstatic that they can get audio pumped to their ears, wire free. It is a very freeing thing to suddenly have no cable flapping about the place.

What you get then is what you expect to get. A bargain priced, Bluetooth headphone that has pretty admirable battery life and has the option to be driven directly with a cable. It’s fairly easy on the eye, not quite so gentle on my ears comfort wise but I know others find them very comfortable. It’s a good value product that does exactly what it sets out to.

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones


Build Quality











  • Good battery life.
  • Can use a cable if the batty dies.
  • Price.


  • I did not find them comfortable.
  • Very flavoured sound.

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