Arcido Faroe Backpack Review: The Travel Beast

Travelling is something wonderful, and this Arcido backpack makes it a whole lot easier. There are plenty of backpacks available mainly meant for use while travelling across the world, and today I’ll be taking a look at the Arcido backpack to find out if you should go with this backpack or if there are better options out there.

Disclaimer: Although Arcido did provide me (Jeffrey) with the backpack, they had no influence on the editorial outcome of the review. The backpack has been tested for approx. 4 weeks while carrying most of the things I would take with me on a daily basis.


  • Material on the outside: Blendex Kodra
  • Total capacity of the bag: 35L
  • Weight of the backpack itself: 900 gram
  • Dimensions of the backpack: 55 x 35 x 20 cm


When I first took the backpack out of its packaging I could immediately feel that Arcido put a lot of effort into the build quality of the backpack. The Blendex Kodra material used on the outside of the backpack feels extremely smooth, and I haven’t seen any damage occurring on the backpack while I was using it. And using it usually means that I don’t quite handle the backpack with care…


Going over to the zippers of the backpack, Arcido decided to make use of high quality YKK zippers. And that’s something you’ll definitely feel while using the bag. The zippers themselves feel extremely solid, and if you use them normally they should last you a damn long time. If you start abusing them every day of the year, 365 days a year I won’t be able to say how they’ll hold up, but for the normal personal they’re more than solid enough to last you the lifetime of the backpack.


The handle of the backpack and the straps may have had some difficult times in the past few weeks, they both kept up without any issues or damage to them. In a nutshell you could say that the backpack is strongly build; it’s build to last the best trips of your life across the entire planet.


One thing I can say is that this backpack isn’t much different from the other backpacks I’ve tested in the past months, this means that whilst it looks good, it’s not turning around heads. Not that I would ever want to own a backpack that turns heads while walking around with it though…

The backpack is of course grey all around, fortunate enough it’s not a plain grey color. They went with a nice feeling fabric that mixes the lighter grey with a darker grey (they call it heather grey). I’m a fan of the design, and those who have seen it seemed to like it as well. Backpack manufacturers usually take the less is more approach for the design, and it’s certainly something I appreciate.


It’s time to talk about the functionality of the 35L backpack, which is just an enormous amount of space. Though you need to read this and keep in mind that this backpack is mainly meant for travelling, which makes it a lot more sensible.

I had a hard time filling up the space inside the backpack to be completely honest, and that’s truly a first for me. Don’t get me wrong, this is great and I’d want to have this amount of space in my other smaller backpacks. If you’re travelling you’ll have no troubles packing a lot of clothes and other gear into this backpack, though the space isn’t unlimited.

The backpack has got two compartments, the big storage compartment for your clothes or whatever you’d want to throw in there, and the laptop compartment at the backside of the backpack. This is great for the bigger things you need to carry around, for the smaller things you’ve got a special pocket up top. At last you’ll be able to store all your cables and papers into the designated compartment within the laptop compartment. While using the backpack this gave me more than plenty of space to put away the bigger and smaller items I’d need to carry while travelling.

The last thing I want to talk about is the comfort of the backpack, and it feels really good. The overall straps give you a lot of support due to the EVA foam used by Arcido. They’ve used the same foam on the back of the backpack, which makes for a comfortable experience, even for longer periods of time.


It’s time to take a look at whether it’s worth buying, though it’s always up to yourself to make the decision whether you would want to buy the backpack. The review is based on my findings, so just make sure to read some other reviews as well before you make the purchase decision.

The backpack is built to last, something I would expect when you see the amount of money you’re paying for the backpack, the design is based on the functionality first approach which does attract me, however design is as subjective as it get, so take that how you’d like… At last I’d like to talk about how functional the bag actually is, and that makes it the travel beast backpack for me. There’s an enormous amount of space inside the backpack, which should make travelling a blast. The bag is also really comfortable to wear on your back, even for longer periods of time.

So, should you buy the backpack? That’s a difficult question for me to answer, it all depends on the use case. For the £80 you’ll be paying on Amazon, it’s more than worth it’s money if you were to ask me. If you’re travelling a lot and you’re looking for a nice and compact backpack while still having a lot of space to carry your clothes and gear with you, go for it! If you do end up buying the backpack, do let me know in the comments below!

Arcido Faroe


Build quality









  • Lot's of space
  • Build to last
  • Modern design


  • None

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