Aomaso Tyre Gauge: Every Driver Should Have One

It’s the winter time and very soon people will be moaning about the light snowfall here in the UK and the trains and public services will be delayed, stretched or will simply cease to function. We’re a little feeble over here! However there are things we can do to make sure we’re not caught in the maelström when the inevitable hits. We can grit our paths, we can get provisions in, and we can also make sure our vehicles are “weather safe”. The Aomaso Tyre Gauge can help you in the latter.

Aomaso tyre gauge

We’re all guilty of getting wrapped up in other matters to really take care of the little things. Okay, the tyre tread may be slightly lowered than the ‘legal’ limit but it’s fine, right? Yes, the tyre is slightly deflated but I’ll get it done next time I grab some petrol, right? Best laid plans! For those who are of the gadget loving persuasion, maybe this gadget will help pump these particular chores a little higher on the priorities list, especially coming into the Winter weather.

The Aomaso Tyre Gauge is a neat little piece of tech that helps ensure that you’re safe on the road and that you’re also not on the verge of being pulled over and fined for poor tread. It has two functions; measuring the tyre pressure, and measuring the tread depth on the tyre. The type pressure can be measured in either kPa, Kg/cm2, or the more conventional BAR and PSI, whilst the tread depth can be reported in either mm or inches.

Aomaso tyre gauge

To use the Aomaso gauge, simply unscrew the dust caps on the tyre, push the On button on the gauge, and push the pressure gauge onto the tyre. The measurement will be reported instantly and with minimal air loss from the tyre. With the ability to measure the pressure between 5 and 99 PSI, this device can be used on larger vehicles also, all to an accuracy within 2% of the actual pressure.

Likewise, measuring the tread depth is an equally simplistic task. The gauge is nothing more than a metal pin that can be extended from the side of the device. Simply hit the power button to cycle to the tread depth measurement mode, press the metal pin into the middle of the tyre (remember to also measure both left and right edges too) and the electronic measurement will be provided, within 0.3mm of the actual depth. After use, simply push the pin back in, return to the key ring and forget until the next use! Powered by dual CR2032 batteries (usual capacity around 225 mAh each), there’s more than enough power in here to keep this unit available for use for some time due to the infrequent use and the low power display.

There’s a few areas we’d have liked to have seen included with this unit to improve it yet further. A built-in reminder (weekly or monthly) to ensure that you don’t forget; that’s the most likely reason for not checking, right? Also, the tyre depth pin slider is a little loose on our unit and has been known to work its way loose whilst on the key ring. Not a massive issue, but it just hangs there and could get bent or broken over time.

Overall though, for the cost of  £10.69 on Amazon UK with Prime which, let’s face it, is a few coffees, it has got to be one of the must have little gadgets for those putting in miles. The likelihood is that you’ll be driving in all weathers so why not make sure that’s as safely as possible, and this little gadget from Aomaso can help in that regard.

If you’re not sure what your tyre pressure would be, head over to this website. Tyre tread depth is universal in the UK and should not be less than 1.6mm (across the central portion of the tyre), whilst many experts suggest tyres should be replaced at 3mm.

Aomaso Tyre Gauge


Build quality






Battery life





  • Portable size
  • Key ring loop
  • Excellent battery life
  • Inexpensive
  • Highlights safety!


  • LCD low quality

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