I Upgraded My Phone – Here’s Why

So if you have been listening to the podcast, you’ll have noticed that I quite often mentioned the subject of buying a new phone. The one thing it kept coming down was the fact there wasn’t really anything out there that stood out. Add the fact the HTC One M8 runs Marshmallow and there was not really a reason to upgrade – but I did.

I had some old devices lying around so on the off chance I went on to CeX (or webuy.com) to see what I could get for each device. I would get £303 for all of the devices – not to shabby at all. I added £150 giving me a total budget of £453 for a new device – a good solid starting point.

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Time to make a list of possible devices:

So looking at the list I didn’t really have much to work with. This phone was going to have last me at least a year and possibly even longer so in with that in mind I decided to get a Nexus device for the upgrade potential. First thought was the Nexus 6. After all it’ll get the N upgrade and possibly the update after N, but I kind of wanted something with a fingerprint scanner. Since playing with the S6 Edge Plus, iPad Air 2 and HTC A9 it was one feature that I became accustomed too. So that narrowed it down to the the 5X and 6P.

I was tempted by the 5X. I was looking at at 32GB model in Carbon, unlocked and in a grade A condition. This would have cost £230 but I was after something bigger than the 5 inch screen that the One M8 has and considering the 5X is only 5.2 inches, that wouldn’t be much bigger at all. It also had has an LCD screen whereas the 6P has a nice AMOLED screen. After playing with the S6 Edge Plus, S6 and A9 I instantly fell in love with AMOLED displays and this was just another reason to go for it.

After reading Craig’s review as well as reading other reviews it was clear to see that the 6P was the one for me. I was after a 32GB model in Aluminium, unlocked in a grade A condition. This would have cost £435 (would then cost £132 after trading the devices). Unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock so in the end I brought a 32GB model in Aluminium, unlocked in a grade B condition for £400, which minus the £303 means that the final cost for was £97. A bargain and a half.

So I’ve had the 6P since the 2nd April and as far as first impressions go, its pretty damn nice. Whilst it is big at 5.96 inches, and is a quite a bit bigger than the M8, I did want something bigger. Given a couple of hours and I soon adapted to the bigger size. While I’m on the subject of it’s feel, it is thinner than the M8, which is nice considering the size difference making the device a little bit easier to hold. The OLED display is great. Type C does a great job, though replacement cables are expensive. The placement on the headphone port is a little irksome at the top of the device. I would have preferred it to be in one of the bottom corners of the device like on the M8, S6 and Blackberry Priv.

Stay tuned to the site as I will be writing a retrospect review after the “honey moon” period has blown over. In the mean time if you want to know what Craig thought of it click here and it’ll take you straight to his review.

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