Talkin’ Tech – Episode 10 – The One That Got Away

Episode 10 of the Talkin’ Tech podcast for all our PodPeople! This week, amongst many topics, we’re talking WhatsApp, Huawei, Batteries and more.

Here’s episode 10 of Talkin’ Tech, the weekly podcast from the MobileTechTalk team. Join us each week for discussion and opinions, news, sneak peaks and more from the world of mobile technology and beyond.

This week we look at:

  1. Whatsapp does away with its annual fee: (
  2. Huawei Mate 8: Ooooh that hardware, Damn that software: (
  3. Google adding 3D spatial audio to Cardboard: (
  4. Nexus Imprint possibly not learning as well as we thought: (
  5. Lithium Batteries no longer have to explode…possibly: (
  6. Verizon Moto X 2014 now has an official bootloader unlock: (
  7. iOS 9.3 beta makes things more 3D Touch-y: (
  8. Rick and Morty Pokemon game, because Rick and Morty: (

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