Talkin’ Tech – Episode 11 – The Pre-MWC Lull

Episode 11 of the Talkin’ Tech podcast for all our PodPeople! This week, amongst many topics, we’re talking Honor, Samsung, Google, MWC, and more

Here’s episode 11 of Talkin’ Tech, the weekly podcast from the MobileTechTalk team. Join us each week for discussion and opinions, news, sneak peaks and more from the world of mobile technology and beyond.

This week we look at:

  1. Honor 5x (
  2. Galaxy S7 said to bring back the MicroSD slot (
  3. Samsung in hot water with the Dutch (
  4. CyanogenMod teasing locked apps feature with fingerprint authentication! (
  5. Google apparently has only made $31bn on Android from the start. Apple made $32bn fron iOS in the last quarter of 2015… (
  6. The Snapdragon 830 (Unannounced) will use Samsung’s (Unannounced) 10nm production line… probably (

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