Wallpaper of the Week – Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of Euro Tech’s wallpaper of the week segment. Bringing a tiny bit of euphoria back to your device week by week. This week is dedicated to one of the best anti-hero’s of all time and it’s pretty obvious which one it is. He wears red and has a great ass – so of course it’s Spiderman.

Kidding, of course. It’s Deadpool.

Loverboy by Justin Maller


A lot of you will know who Justin Maller is. His wallpapers are known to be the most unique, using a specific art style which really sets him above the rest when it comes to being original. His use of differencing shapes throughout a look, concentrating on the main focal point of the image and adjusting to his surroundings is one of many reasons why Justin is the best wallpaper makers around.

Justin released his latest wallpaper, Loverboy, to celebrate the launch and success release of the movie ‘Deadpool’, using the wallpaper makers true to form designs to bring Deadpool to life in more ways than one. We all know Deadpool is a lover at heart, but this wallpaper just confirms the fact. You can check out the wallpaper below, along with download links.


Original – Download

Thanks for joining us for this week, more to come same time next week.

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