Wallpaper of the Week – Week 1

Welcome to Euro Tech Talk’s wallpaper of the week. Please join us in this journey of finding consistently great wallpapers to make your phone look immense again.

Just a little background here before I go ahead and show you this weeks wallpaper. When looking for a good wallpaper, I always start with 1 main category that peaks my interest: Minimalism. Having a minimalistic wallpaper certainly won’t be winning any competitions for being ‘out there’, but it just adds to the simplism, and the aesthetics of your home screen. The main reason why I like the minimalism is because it ties things together, and adds a touch of class to your overall setup. There’s nothing worse than having a garish wallpaper where you struggle to see your icons due to the fact that it gives you temporary blindness with its over-vibrant colours.

So, without further ado. Euro Tech Talk’s wallpaper of the week is…

Remaster by grafiksyndikat

If you have never heard of RelayFM before, it’s a podcast network hosting multiple shows primarily including Federico Viticci (Founder of MacStories), and Myke Hurley (Co-founder of the RelayFM network). RelayFM have recently announced a new show called Remaster, which is a very gaming-oriented podcast, discussing current events in the gaming world etc. So the guys over at grafiksyndikat created a wallpaper celebrating this new show being created.

If you look at the wallpaper, it is very Tron inspired, with what I assume is a view of a planet peering over the mountains. This wallpaper, while having a lot going on with it, is very unassuming when you actually have the wallpaper applied on a device. It’s not too much so you can’t see what’s going on in and around your homescreen, but not boring enough to not even notice it. grafiksyndikat describe this as ’80s inspired’, which ties-in to the whole Tron thing.

Download links are below for the wallpaper. There are 2 versions of it. A ‘clean’ version as well as a ‘cathode’ version, which apparently gives the wallpaper are more authentic 80s look.

Wallpaper of the week download

Desktop Wallpaper: Clean – Cathode

Mobile Wallpaper: Clean – Cathode

Let me know what you think of the wallpaper in the comments section below.

See you same time next week!

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