Wallpaper of the Week – Week 14: Frosty Peaks

Welcome back to the Mobile Tech Talk wallpaper of the week segment, where the word ‘consistency’ doesn’t appear to be in my vocabulary.

On a more serious note: Wallpaper of the Week should be back on schedule from today onwards. Every Friday you will be greeted to a wallpaper that warrants its post, crowning it the wallpaper for this week.

Innuendos aside, the title of this week’s wallpaper speaks for itself in many volumes, and the photographer that captured this picture has a good eye for accentuated looks. It’s a landscape wallpaper, catching a mountain in Poland with the little details taking the centre stage, as opposed to the mountain doing most of the talking. Enough stalling. Let us get into it.

Wallpaper: Cross by Anton Matiukha

wallpaper of the week

Frosty Peaks isn’t the name of the wallpaper. That was something I instantly thought of when seeing this wallpaper, and each device you apply this wallpaper on will tell a slightly different story each time you are graced with an opportunity to see it.

Anton is a well-known photographer on DeviantArt, mainly for his incredible attention to detail when it comes to finding that perfect shot with little-to-no editing involved. He has a plethora of landscapes posted on his DeviantArt page here, but this wallpaper stood out from the rest because of how minimal it is.

As stated previously, this wallpaper was taken in Poland, in a remote-looking area that is surrounded by mountains with a glazing of Snow topping off each peak. Surprisingly, for me, you get a sense of warmth and cleanliness when you see this wallpaper, which is a strange feeling to have since the temperature would be going into the minuses at the time the picture was taken. Something about the ridges on the mountain sides, along with the colour companionship with the sky/clouds is a sight that is truly magical.

It would almost appear that the snow speckles on the mountain tops had been placed on there for Anton to claim the perfect shot, and the overall natural feeling of this image is breathtaking.


You can download the image from Anton’s DeviantArt page here.

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