Wallpaper of the Week – Week 7

Welcome to Euro Tech’s wallpaper of the week segment, where the posts are about as consistent as Samsung’s software updates.

Jokes aside, it’s good to see you again. How have you been? It’s been a busy week in technology-related news for companies such as Google and HTC, with Google releasing an Android ’N’ developer preview which is an out-of-character move from the tech giant. HTC have been the source of many leaks and rumours with the HTC 10 (or M10) pretty much leaking in its entirety, leaving no surprises for the launch event.

This week’s wallpaper I am dedicating to Android ’N’. Google have finally gotten their act together and stuck with one single unified design, sticking with the Marshmallow look improving and adding useful features that have taken inspiration from well-known custom ROMs in the community.

Android ’N’ Wallpaper by Google



From the overhauled notification area, to the very popular multi-window support – it’s no surprise that the Android ’N’ developer preview is talked about quite highly in a lot of tech circles. We aren’t here to talk about Android ’N’ specifically, but how great the stock wallpaper is.

Google have been known in the past to create quite fascinating wallpapers that are very appealing to the eye. You usually get a feel of what the operating system is going to be like with the representation of the wallpaper. The tech company usually go with wondrous landscapes as the default wallpaper for each OS iteration and this hasn’t changed. Google went with a more softer approach to the landscape image this time, which represents an element of minimalism that really speaks volumes for ’N’ in general. It’s a very clean upgrade to Android’s overall look and going down more of a unification look that will soon become Google’s signature look and feel in future. The unique blend of colouring used here is a sight to be seen, which also could be a double-meaning for Android ’N’. It also could be me looking too much into it, but it’s great to speculate.



2880 x 2560 – Link

Join us next week, where I may actually keep up with consistency.

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