Wallpaper of the Week – Week 5

Welcome to Euro Tech’s wallpaper of the week segment. Bring some extra emphasis to your device, one week at a time. We take a look at the week’s best wallpapers and narrow it down to one. One wallpaper to rule them all, if you will…at least for a week. Let’s take a look at this weeks, shall we?

Disney and the Death Star by Milli-Jane

If you didn’t know already, Disney acquired LucasFilms back in October of 2012 for $4bn, meaning Disney now own all the rights to the Star Wars franchise. Disney, so far, has had a good track record with what they have done with the franchise, with Disney’s own Star Wars: The Force Awakens being a massive box office hit. The Force Awakens is currently in the number 1 spot for domestic sales, beating out the previous top dog ‘Avatar’. In terms of worldwide sales, The Force Awakens is currently third, a mere $400mil away from the Titanic in second place.

This wallpaper really encompasses the whole merger, and what it really meant. With the Walt Disney trademark castle being at the forefront, with R2D2 approaching the entrance, coming together. Another defining part of this wallpaper which really ties this together is the Deathstar looming over the castle, almost in a hostile takeover kind of way.

The illustrator who made this, Milli-Jane, did a fantastic job illustrating what the merger means, and two powerhouses in the movie creation coming together in unison, with a fresh take on the franchise that has been going on for decades.


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