Wallpaper of the Week – Week 15: Space Curiosity

Welcome to Mobile Tech Talk’s weekly Wallpaper of the Week segment, where the consistency of the content is very much in the same place as this weeks’ theme: Space.

Space is a curious thing (pardon the pun). Much like the ocean, we haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of what is yet to be discovered. One thing is for sure, exploration of certain planets within our solar system already discovered is striving forward tenfold.


Among the multitude of other projects and progress that has been made for space exploration, one thing that has always peaked my interest since its inception in 2011 is the Mars Curiosity Rover. I never thought that in my lifetime, or not at least until I was in my 60s, I could ever envision that such a project like the Curiosity Rover, which is a rover created by NASA to explore Mars to investigate Martian climate and geology, would happen so soon.

I decided to dedicate this week to the Curiosity Rover for that reason. As much as there are multiple images of the Rover on Mars, with some beautiful landscapes to go alongside it, I wanted to find a representation of art that could replicate the look of how I envisioned it in my head. I think I have found that wallpaper. What does said wallpaper look like? Find out after the break.

Space Curiosity by 3ByK


Much like the last wallpaper of the week article I did, I re-jigged the name of the original art a little bit. As much as the artwork is absolutely fantastic and deserves each download it gets, the name is a little lacking in the same department applied to the artwork.

If you have read my WoTW articles before, you will know that I tend to lean towards a more minimalist art style. I’m more of the thought that a wallpaper is there to accentuate, rather than to take precedence over your whole home screen, taking it away from the main attraction of everything else.

The one thing among many things about this wallpaper is the flow of the colour style. It doesn’t necessarily grip you, per se, but it doesn’t really need to with the stunning attention to detail. From the Rover itself somehow showing some kind of emotion which is something similar to a Pixar animation, to the stunning representation of the planetoids stretching far and wide right within frame of the Rover’s curious mind. It’s a true sight to behold with this wallpaper. It’s a vision I see in my head whenever I think of the Curiosity Rover, or what it may be thinking and looking at from its perspective.

This wallpaper works excellently from both a mobile and a desktop standpoint. For mobile, the portrait angle of the wallpaper fits the Rover into eyeshot of the distant planetoids to set the look and aesthetics off perfectly.

Download links are below; join us next week for another design-full wallpaper.


Full Size (1600 x 900) – Download

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