Wallpaper of the Week – Week 10

Welcome back to Eurotech’s Wallpaper of the Week segment, where some of the best designs flourish.

This week we’re going back to a more simplistic approach, much like the first and second weeks of the segment. It’s yet another wallpaper from the Backdrops app on Android, but that’s more of a credit to the creators of these wonderful wallpapers.

I don’t have any puns to segue into the section where I talk about the creator this week, so let’s save some embarrassment, shall we?

Equilibrium by Kxnt


It’s easy to see why I chose this wallpaper as the number one choice for this week, as it encompasses what simplism means.
Kxnt, along with Samer Zayer are the people behind this wallpaper, and of course they hit it right out of the park with what they did. This wallpaper was featured in the Backdrops application as the ‘Wall of the Day’ a couple of days ago, and as soon as it caught my eye, I instantly knew that this was the wallpaper of the week.


The best way to describe this wallpaper is by using the work ‘kaleidoscope’. If you aren’t familiar with the kaleidoscope effect, it effectively means the duplication of a certain pattern and matches the overall consistency of the design. In simpler terms: One design is used on half of the page and is duplicated to match it on the other side.

One thing that really caught my undivided attention with this design is its colour scheme. It has a colour palette that designers wouldn’t dream of combining together, mainly because of how far away on the spectrum they are. On the outskirts of the image, there’s a very subtle smoke effect which is also accompanied by a red-orange colour scheme. The colours almost look as if they’re intertwining with each other on the page, in turn making a staining effect.
Coming to the centre of the wallpaper, and this is where the colours take a turn in the opposite direction. A subtle navy blue combined with what appears to be a purple (RIP Prince) is what brings the centre of this design together. In my opinion, Kxnt took an already well established design and reimagined it.


Original – Download

That’s it for this week. If you would like to check out the Backdrops application, see the app download box below.

Until next week, have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

Backdrops - Wallpapers
Backdrops - Wallpapers

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