Win Free Data With To The Moon Mobile

The UK’s newest mobile brand, To The Moon Mobile, has today launched a new retro arcade game, Digital Space, that challenges players to win free mobile data by piloting a spaceship across the digital galaxy.

The game, which can be played on both desktop and mobile devices, puts players in control of a retro spaceship – withß the trippy soundtrack to match – on a quest to collect as many points as possible in the way of floating goodies, while avoiding or destroying digital space debris along the way. That dreaded Spam and 404 and File Not Found make for all-too-familiar foe!

New customers can earn anywhere from 2GB up to 50GB of mobile data based on how many points they collect on their journey into the depths of Digital Space, with bonus data available for those who choose to share their score on social media.

“Digital Space is another example of how we like to run a different ship at To The Moon Mobile – one with the customer in mind. Its why we are the first mobile brand on the market to offer a built-in crypto wallet, and now with Digital Space, a creative, fun way for mobile users to get more from their mobile service for less. Hot tip for any would-be Digital Space pioneers out there: it’s harder than it looks!” – Andy Hallam, CEO.

To The Moon Mobile’s maiden voyage into gamification comes just a month after its launch in the UK. Onboard, the disruptor mobile brand offers UK mobile users the most flexible data bundles on the market, tapping into the EE network, as well as the first-ever mobile service equipped with built-in crypto wallet functionality.

Digital Space is available to play now via

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