Wallpaper of the Week – Week 11: Return of the Facets

Welcome to Eurotech’s Wallpaper of the Week segment, where consistency is not only frowned upon, it’s effectively ‘cool’ not to do it weekly.

This week we’re going back to Facets. I skimmed over what Facets were and why they were so great in week 6. To save you a redirect, Facets are a myriad of shapes merged together to assemble some of the best wallpapers you can get your hands on, and Justin Maller re-invented this style.

Facets by Justin Maller

The wallpaper I chose this week speaks in a volume that I couldn’t possibly type, but here’s why I admire Justin’s art style, and why this design in particular caught my attention.

Justin launched a ‘project’ called facets.la back in 2013, where the premise of the project was to release a new image based on his innovative design templates every day for 365 days. Each day, Justin would do a fresh take on an already refreshing design cue and made different shapes, colour variations and even a few Pixar characters with the styling we all know and love.

The wallpaper I chose for this week is the second wallpaper of the facets.la project. One thing that puts this above the rest for me is the muted colour styling. I’ve said on multiple occasions that minimal is what grabs my attention, and something about the peachy-cream colour styling in this image immersed me from the second I scrolled past it in his Facets app. The shape Justin decided to go with on the second day of the project is something that you will know instantly if you’re an avid gamer. Does the game Assassins Creed ring any bells to you? If it does, you’ll know exactly where Justin took inspiration for this shape effect and added his icing on the cake for good measure.

You can check out the Facets app for Android (has Muzei support, too) and iOS


1080 x 1920 – Download

If a wallpaper on a smart device doesn’t take your fancy, Justin offers prints of this design here

As usual, show us your home screen rocking this wallpaper in the comments section.

Until then, see you next week.

Facets - with Muzei
Facets - with Muzei
Developer: Depthcore
Price: 0,99 €+

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