ViewSonic Launches its Two screens for Teachers initiative

ViewSonic UK, a leading global provider of visual solutions, today announces its Two Screens for Teachers initiative. From 1st Feb to 31st March ViewSonic are offering up to 25% off their Touch and Non-Touch monitors especially for teachers and educational organisations.

The ongoing global COVID pandemic has turned teachers’ lives upside down. All across the UK, teachers are now faced with trying to engage students and inspire learning remotely, often via one small screen in a makeshift home office environment.

ViewSonic believes that a second screen would be the perfect upgrade for teachers working from home, giving them the ability to properly organise their communications. By having extra workspace, teachers will be able to interact with their students on one screen and manage content such as lesson plans on the other.

Remote teaching requires the use of many online tools such as a digital whiteboard, cloud storage, Instant Messaging Apps and so on. Having a second monitor will allow teachers to be more productive by allowing them to seamlessly toggle between parallel running applications without having to open and close multiple windows on a single screen, which can be frustrating.

Other benefits include the efficiency of creating lesson plans and materials as copy and pasting content is easier with two screens, and video calls will be more productive with teachers being able to interact with their students on one screen and view their notes on another. Above all else, having a two-screen set up is generally more pleasant to use, making working remotely more comfortable and enjoyable.

Monitors on offer:

> ViewSonic VA2718-SH – 27” Full HD IPS Monitor
The VA2718-SH monitor is all about simplicity when working and teaching from home. With no fancy functions and features you hardly ever use; it is the back-to-basic monitor that gets the job done with ease.
Key Features: HDMI, VGA, VESA Compatible, Standard 2 Year Warranty.

> ViewSonic TD1655 – 16” Full HD Portable Touch IPS Monitor
The TD1655 portable touch monitor brings the classroom anywhere with ease. With its responsive 10-point touch feature, portable design and one-cable solution via USB-C, teachers can use it as a mini interactive whiteboard to deliver engaging online lessons anywhere.
Key features: 10-point Touch, 2x USB-C, Mini HDMI, Adjustable Kickstand, Screen Protector, Standard 3 Year Warranty.

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